3 Best & Quick Ways to Fix SkyUI Error Code 5 & it’s Causes.

Are you unable to enjoy your Skyrim game because of the “SKYUI Error Code 5”? Don’t worry, by the end of reading this post, you will successfully resolve this error and get back to your game easily. Skyrim SE SkyUI error code 5 is not a serious issue as you may be thinking and can be easily fixed within minutes.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most favorite action role-playing videogames on the internet. This game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and was released in November 2011. Skyrim was a huge hit on its release and has the same craze even today. To play this game efficiently on a PC, there has been developed a mod which is called SkyUI.

skyui error code 5

The SkyUI mod helps to improve the game interface on computers and makes the game easy to control with a mouse and keyboard. However, recently a lot of Windows users are having trouble accessing their game due to this mod. Whenever they try to open favorites, themes, maps, skills, etc, the game gives a “SkyUI incompatible menu file” error. Read below to know how to fix this error code.

What is SKYUI Error Code 5

SkyUI error code 5 is an error message that shows up on your screen when you try to open the game The Elders V: Skyrim on your PC. This error displays a message like this “SkyUI Error Code 5 Incompatible Menu File” on the computer screen and doesn’t let you enjoy your game by interrupting the game.

skyui error code 5 incompatible menu file

Causes Of SkyUI Error Code 5

The main reason why this SkyUI incompatible menu file error occurs is due to the mod that you have installed n your PC which is nothing but the SkyUI mod. This mod is actually a PC-friendly user interface Mod that allows the game to run smoothly and makes it easier to access the action game with a mouse and a keyboard. However, the error code that you see mainly occurs due to the mod itself.

  • Change In MCM Menu Settings: Mod Configuration Menu(MCM) issues can lead to SkyUI error codes.
  • Increased FPS: The SkyUI mod increases the FPS(frames per second) to 60 whereas the default FPS of the game is actually 30 FPS only.

How To Fix SkyUI Error Code 5

These are the two working solutions that can get rid of the SkyUI mod errors on your PC. Try out the methods given below and fix your Skyrim game easily.

1. Delete Loose Game Files

Sometimes you don’t notice it but install loose and corrupted files with the installation of new mods which can later cause trouble like SkyUI error code 5. Therefore, delete these files from your device and then check if the error code is resolved. Here is how to delete loose game files.

  • First of all, launch your PC and go to the game files.
  • You have to navigate down the path Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data.
  • Open the Data Interface folder and delete all the loose files(or which are not .esp files).

skyrim se skyui error code 5

  • Exit the window and restart your PC.
  • Now, try to play Skyrim and check if the error code shows up.

2. Cut Off MCM Files

If the MCM files on your device have some issues, then this can lead to Skyrim errors. Therefore, we suggest cutting off the MCM files and move the files to a backup interface. You can also delete the files directly, but it is recommended to use a backup instead of deleting them.

  • First of all, go to the SkyUI directory which is the location of the installation file.
  • Now, click on the “Data” folder and then select “Interface”.
  • Look for the file name that was shown on the error screen and cut this file.
  • Next, create a backup interface folder in any drive or location and move the file here.
  • Now, try to open the Skyrim game and check if SkyUI error code 5 is fixed.

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3. Reinstall SkyUI Mod

If still not able to fix the SkyUI error code, then just reinstall the SkyUI mod. This can fix the error code. Since the SkyUI mod increases the FPS of the game by double, you have to delete the 60 FPS mod that is leading to the error code.

  • Open your PC and navigate to the path given below.
  • Now, locate the 60 FPS Interface Mod which will be in a .zip file.
  • Delete this mod and then uninstall SkyUI from the device.
  • Install the SkyUI mod again from the official website.

skyui incompatible menu file

  • Make sure to install the updated version of the mod.
  • When you launch the game this time, the error code will not show up for sure.


How do I fix SkyUI error code 5 incompatible menu file?
The best solutions to fix SkyUI incompatible menu file error are given below.

  1. Delete Loose Game Files
  2. Cut Off MCM Files
  3. Reinstall SkyUI Mod
What is SkyUI error code 5?
SkyUI error code 5 is an error message that shows up on your screen when you try to open the game The Elders V: Skyrim on your PC. This error code is mainly due to the trouble caused by the SkyUI mod.
How do I uninstall SkyUI mod?
  • Navigate to NexusModManager/Skyrim/Mods.
  • Delete the 60 FPS Interface File.
  • Uninstall SkyUI mod.
What to do when I see SkyUI error code 5?
Follow the three best solutions given below to resolve SkyUI mod errors.

  • Delete Loose Game Files
  • Cut Off MCM Files
  • Reinstall SkyUI Mod

Final Words

We have provided the best and working methods to fix the SkyUI error code 5 incompatible menu file issue on your Windows device. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue with the help of these methods. If you liked the information provided here, share it with your friends too. Visit TechRulz for more related and useful articles.

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