8 Best Ways To Fix Samsung Remote Not Working Issue

Are you a Samsung user & use the Samsung tv remote to change the channels, songs, movies & much more? Your Samsung remote not working?

Do you sometimes face problems with your Samsung remote & it stops working all of sudden? Don’t worry! This is not a big issue for TV enthusiasts. It has been seen that majorly because of dirty remotes issues faced by users.

samsung remote not working

So here are some easy ways to Fix the Samsung remote not working issue. We have explained 8 working ways to fix Samsung remote not working issue.

Why Is The Samsung Remote Not Working?

Samsung remote not working issue can be due to various reasons. It happens mainly because of no line of sight between the Samsung tv remote & TV itself. As many times it is also seen that the batteries are making the problem & there are chances that it has never been cleaned properly, leading to less connectivity with your smart Samsung Tv.

Causes For Samsung Remote Not Working

The Cause of Samsung remote not working problem can be due to various factors. Here are some of the common reasons that might lead you to believe that your Samsung TV remote is not working.

  • Your remote is dirty due to not being cleaned properly
  • You have a very old version of the Tv Remote which you are using.
  • Your Tv & the remote are not synced properly sometimes it happens that both your TV and the remote are not synced & this causes the Samsung remote not working issue.
  • The remote control is not pointed at Tv. The remote has no line of sight with the Tv.

These might be some of the reasons why your Samsung remote not working.

So now you know the main reason why is Samsung remote not working, let’s have a look at some of the working ways to fix it.

8 Best Ways To Fix Samsung Remote Not Working Issue

There are various ways to fix this problem. Let us have a look at some of the methods below:

1) Check The Batteries Of Remote

Batteries are very important in any remote or gadget that you use at home. Frequent charging can sometimes reduce its working which will result in your remote not working. So make sure to check the batteries of your Samsung tv remote whether they are new or not & if needed replace them.

samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

2) Check The Remote Sensor

Make sure that there should not be any obstacle in between you & your TV while using the remote. As the remote works on infrared signals, it needs to have a line of sight with your Samsung tv for proper working. Also, Check if there is anything placed over the front side of your smart tv which would hamper its functioning.

3) Clean The Remote Sensor Of The TV & Samsung Remote

Cleaning your gadgets is a good habit. As you need to clean your phone, laptop & many more devices at home, why not take care of your Samsung TV remote too. Make sure you have a proper brush or cloth that would easily reach the area where the sensor lies. Also, make sure that you don’t touch the sensor after cleaning, as your hands are also not clean & it can cause many problems.

4) Use TV’s Original Remote For Initial Troubleshooting

If you have another Samsung Tv at home then use its original remote to check if everything is working fine or not. Sometimes using any other Samsung remote to check the Samsung tv remote not working can help.

5) Restart Your TV

Make sure that you restart your Samsung tv & the remote after every 15 minutes. This will help in avoiding any issues that may arise while using your TV and remote.

6) Perform A Digital Camera Test

This is one of the best ways to Fix the Samsung remote not working problem. Just go ahead & take a digital camera in your hand, press any button of the Samsung tv remote & check whether you are able to see the light coming from it or not. If yes, then there is no issue with your TV or remote. It’s just that the light gets stuck in between & it can be solved by cleaning your remote.

samsung tv remote sensor not working

7) Contact Samsung Customer Care

If everything fails, then contact the customer care of Samsung. They will help you in finding a solution to help you fix the Samsung remote not working issue. But make sure you have tried everything before contacting them as they might ask for proof that your remote is actually broken or not.

8) Buy New Remote

If none of the above-mentioned tricks work for you, it is better to go to the market & buy a new Samsung remote.


Hope this article helped you out in fixing the Samsung remote not working problem. You can also contact us if u facing issues with any other remote. Our engineers will be happy to help you out with the same. We wish you all the best as always & stay connected for the latest updates. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more Fixes.

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