9 Working Ways To Fix Apple Carplay Not Working

Is your Apple Carplay Not Working? No need to worry. We have given you working solutions. Stop searching Google and read this article to get all your Apple carplay not working problems resolved.

Many people love to use carplay in their cars. It is an amazing feature that all drivers need now to improve the way they do things.

 Fix Apple Carplay Not Working

In this article, we have provided 9 ways are available that can guide you in fixing this apple carplay not working issue. Read the article and find some easy-to-follow solutions.

What Is Apple Carplay?

Before we go into the solution part, we would like to give some information about Apple Carplay. Many of us know about Android Auto as an in-car infotainment system where it helps users to access android phone features while driving.

However, Apple Carplay is completely different from this where it acts more like an interface for iPhones. It is extremely helpful for people who want to use the features on their iPhones while driving.

You can easily get access to media, messages, apps, etc. While driving, you don’t have to touch the phone at all. You can play music or messages or anything that you want without holding your phone in your hand.

Why Is Apple Carplay Not Working?

There are various reasons why apple carplay not working is happening. There are many factors that should be considered to find the cause of this problem.

Causes For Apple CarPlay Not Working

The first reason could be your device should have an iOS 8 or a later version running on it. If you are using older versions, then it won’t work for sure. Also, make sure that you are connected to the car with a lightning cable because that is the only way apple carplay works.

If this is not your problem, then you could be looking at apple carplay problems for many other reasons. Let’s look at some of these here.

  • Apple CarPlay Not Working due to Apple ID or Password Issues
  • Apple CarPlay Not Working due to Car Audio Problems
  • Apple CarPlay Not Working due to Bluetooth Not Connecting
  • Apple CarPlay Not Working due to Phone Problems

In this article, we have provided you with some of the common reasons and we hope that with our help, you can fix the apple carplay not working issue by finding out the exact reason behind this.

9 Working Fixes To Apple Carplay Not Working Issue

Here are some of the working solutions that you could use. The first step is to check if the feature is really not working. Then try to follow those steps mentioned below and see if it helps.

1) Check Your Device Settings

apple carplay not working honda

This is the first solution that you could try. Make sure that all your device settings are correct with apple carplay. These settings include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all other settings. Apple carplay not working could be due to any of these settings so you should try checking them out first before moving on to the next solution.

2) Check If You Are Connected With A Lightning Cable

It is very important that your device is connected with the lightning cable because apple carplay only works when it is connected with the lightning cable. It charges your phone while giving you access to apple carplay. Thus, if you are not connected with a lightning cable then this could be another reason why apple carplay is not working on your device.

3) Check If You Have Apple CarPlay Enabled In Your Car

Don’t forget to turn on apple carplay. Many people forget to turn on this feature in their car and that is another reason why apple carplay is not working for them.

4) Make Sure CarPlay Isn’t Restricted

In order to use apple carplay, your car system should not be restricted. If it is so then you won’t be able to use apple carplay despite all the correct settings on your device and in the car.

5) Check Whether CarPlay Is Allowed While Locked

If you have disabled apple carplay then your phone will be locked after a few seconds of inactivity. Make sure that you have allowed apple carplay while the phone is locked because if it is not enabled, then apple carplay won’t work and you will need to enable it first before trying to use this feature.

6) Restart Your Device

Many people have found this solution helpful if they are facing any of the issues with apple car play. If you want to fix apple carplay problems, then you should try to restart your device. This will fix many other problems as well so if apple carplay is not working, then you should definitely check if the problem gets fixed by trying this solution.

apple carplay not working ios 14

7) Try To Hard Reset Your IPhone

If restarting does not work for you, then your next step would be doing a hard reset. For your information, a hard reset will wipe all the data from your iPhone. So make sure that you take a backup of your device before you go for a hard reset.

8) Check If Your Car Audio Is Compatible With Apple CarPlay

If apple carplay not working in your car, then it could also be due to incompatibility. There are a lot of car companies that do not support apple carplay so make sure to check if your car is compatible or not before going ahead with apple carplay installation.

9) Check The Compatibility Of Your IPhone

The last working fix for apple carplay problems is checking the compatibility of your phone with this feature. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is compatible with apple carplay. There are a lot of companies that have not yet introduced the feature for their devices so if you own an iPhone from them, then apple carplay will not work on your device.

In this article, we looked at some of the working fixes to apple carplay problems and made sure that you will get your apple carplay feature working on your device.


To sum it up, apple carplay not working could be due to many reasons. You should make sure that all the settings are correct on your device and in the vehicle system for apple carplay to work. Feel free to take help from this guide for apple carplay not working or other related problems. Please visit Techrulz for more information.

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