FaceApp Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 10.1.3 [Premium Unlocked]

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology also affects the development of applications, one of which is the FaceApp Pro photo-editing application. This application has an interesting feature, namely the feature of changing a person’s face shape and age.

This photo editing application will give you an idea of ​​your aging physical appearance. In addition, there are various other interesting photo editing features that you can try.

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To find out the features of the Face App application and the download link, here is the full review. So, read this post till the last to know all about the FaceApp Pro mod apk.

FaceApp Pro Application Review

Face App is an application that allows you to edit photos into various models, such as old faces, baby faces, to changing genders. The features available in this photo editing application are also very easy to use and practical.

You only need to select the desired tools for your editing needs. Moreover, if you use the FaceApp Pro application or its professional version, you can enjoy a variety of interesting features such as the age modifier feature, hairstyle and color features, and others.

Because the original professional version is paid or not free, you can try to download the FaceApp Pro mod or its modified version. With the mod version of the application, you can enjoy various Face App features for free and of course ad-free.

Difference Between Original FaceApp And Professional FaceApp

After understanding the features contained in the professional version of the Face App application, you must also understand the difference between the professional version and the original version. Here are some of the differences between the original version of the Face App and the pro version.

FaceApp Original Version FaceApp Pro Version
Has a limited number of filters for each of its features. Unlimited filters (unlimited filters).
Only a few styles and hair colors are available. The choices of hairstyles and colors provided are more numerous and varied.
There is no feature to add a mustache and beard. There is a feature to add a mustache and beard by clicking a photo in a practical and easy way.
The available features are very limited. All available features are unlocked, so you are free to use them without paying.
There is a watermark (watermark) at the end of photo editing. The watermark has been completely removed so that it does not interfere with the appearance of the final photo editing result.
Ads appear at certain times which are quite disturbing to the photo editing process. There are no ad impressions so the photo editing process becomes more comfortable.

FaceApp Pro Mod Application Features

Just like other modified versions of the application, the Face App Pro mod developed by a third party is equipped with excellent features. Here are interesting features that you can try from the mod version of the Face App.

1. Unlock All Features

One of the advantages of the mod version of the Face App application is the unlocked or unlocked features. In the original version of the application, some premium features are usually paid so you have to pay a certain amount to unlock them.

However, you don’t have to worry about the cost because you can download the mod version. With the mod version of the Face App, you can enjoy all the photo editing features freely according to your wishes and tastes.

2. Unlimited Filters

Filters are one of the important features that must exist in every photo-editing application. If in the original version of the Face App application only a few filters are available, then you can enjoy all the unlimited filters by using the mod version of the Face App application.

 faceapp pro mod apk 2022

The function of the filter itself is to help make your photos look better and more attractive. In addition, with filters and several tools for touch-ups, the photos you edit will look better and perfect.

3. Layouts

Another feature that you can use in this application is Layouts. This feature supports users to use and apply a wide selection of attractive photo frames or frames. The available frame options include Collage, Duo, Lens, and so on.

4. Fun

Fun is a feature in the FaceApp Pro application that you can use to make photos more interesting and funny, such as editing annoyed faces, swapping genders, and so on.

5. Classic Smile

The classic smile feature of the Face App will give a smile effect to your frowning face or flat expression. The smile effect generated from the Face App feature will show a few teeth according to the shape of your face so that the face looks sweeter and more sincere.

6. Mustache And Beard Features

Mustache and beard are parts of the body, especially the face, which are considered to give a macho and masculine impression. However, some people cannot grow a mustache and beard for reasons of neatness.

Well, Face App can be the right choice to change the style of your mustache and beard as you wish. With this Beard & Mustache feature, you can get an idea of ​​how your face looks when you use a beard and mustache.

7. Change Hair Color And Style

Hairstyle is one of the important factors in supporting the appearance of a person, both men, and women. However, not infrequently many people are confused about what style or hairstyle is suitable for the shape of their face, as well as the desired taste.

With the presence of a hair color and style change feature, you don’t need to be confused anymore to choose and determine the right hairstyle or color. You only need to take a selfie, then use the hairstyle and color change feature in the Face App.

There are various choices of hairstyle models ranging from short, medium, long haircuts, and other models. The choice of hair color is also very varied, such as red, blue, brown, green, yellow, purple, and so on.

8. Age Feature

Have you ever wondered what your face will look like when you’re old? Well, the Face App Pro application has an age feature that you can use to change facial photos to look old, complete with wrinkled lines.

faceapp pro unlocked apk

This age feature will give men a more friendly-looking face with a beard texture in men. This feature is also the most popular mainstay tool of the Face App photo editing application.

9. Wide Variety Of Additional Accessories

Face App has a variety of additional accessories that will make your photos more cool and interesting. Additional accessories include glasses. You can use this feature to find out what kind of glasses model is suitable for your face shape.

10. No Ads 

Just like free applications in general, the original version of the Face App also has advertisements as a source of income for developers. This ad impression is quite annoying, especially if it appears when you are busy editing photos.

However, you don’t have to worry about annoying ad impressions because you can use the professional version. With the FaceApp Pro application, you will be more comfortable when editing or exploring all the available features without being disturbed by ads.

11. No Watermark 

In the original version of the FaceApp application, usually at the end of photo editing, a watermark or watermark will be added. The existence of this watermark is quite disturbing and looks less professional when uploaded to your social media.

Unlike the case when you use the professional version of the application, there will be no watermark. With the loss of the watermark in the final edit, your photos will look better and more professional.

Download FaceApp Pro Mod Unlock Items

For those of you who are interested in using this one photo editing application, you can try downloading the premium mod version of the Face App application, which has all the items and features in it unlocked. The following is the download link for the FaceApp Professional version of the unlock item mod.

App Name FaceApp Professional – Face, Beauty and Makeup Editor App
Version 10.1.3
Size 31 MB
Download Link

FaceApp Pro Mod Apk Unlock click here

How To Install The FaceApp Pro Mod APK 

After you download the FaceApp application, you are also required to install the application first so that it can be used. Well, here are the steps you can take to install the FaceApp Pro Mod Apk Unlock All Items application on Android and iOS devices.

  • Download the FaceApp Pro application first by clicking the link above, then wait until the download process is 100% complete.
  • After the application has been successfully downloaded, you can click on the application file for the installation process.
  • If a security warning appears on your phone’s menu screen, you need to activate the “Unknown Sources” installation permission first.
  • This setting can be done by clicking the Settings menu, then selecting activate “Unknown Sources” by checking the box provided.
  • After that, you can return to the FaceApp application that has been downloaded and click the APK file again.
  • Click the “Install” option and wait a while until the installation process is complete and the FaceApp Pro Mod application is ready to use.

How To Use FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

After the FaceApp application installation process is complete, you may still be confused about how to use it, right? How to use the FaceApp application is also very easy, as follows.

  • Open the Face App Pro mod that has been successfully installed on your Android or iOS device.
  • If certain access appears on the start page, you can grant access as needed. In applications that have just been installed on the cellphone, they will usually ask for permission to be accessed by the Camera, Storage Media, and the like.
  • After granting access permissions, you can go directly to the main page of the application.
  • First, you have to take a selfie first according to the application instructions.
  • After taking selfies, all you have to do is edit photos using the available features as you wish.
  • If you have finished the photo editing process, you can save the photos to the Internal Memory or SD Card. You can also directly share the photos on your social media.


You can use the explanation of FaceApp Pro above as a reference for a good and recommended photo-editing application. If you want to use the mod version of FaceApp Pro, make sure to download it from a trusted source to prevent the risk of your device being exposed to malware viruses. We hope this article was helpful. Visit the Techrulz site for more information.

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