Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing Black? (SOLVED)

In the market, the Epson printer is considered to be one of the best printers. as it is relatively easy to operate and even very efficient for normal use, it is one reason for its high demand. though it works great sometimes it faces several issues. Where Epson printer not printing black is one of the issues that the users of the Epson face.

If you have found that the Epson printer is not printing black then you will search for the fixes to resolve th4e problems and without clear resolution, you run into several forums.

epson printer not printing black

Keep reading this article until the end as we have provided you the troubleshooting methods that help you to fix the issue Epson printer not printing black. So, that any one of the methods helps you to fix the error.

How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Black?

If you are encountering an issue Epson printer won’t print black, then there might be several reasons that cause the issue, there are a few of the reasons cause the issue.

printer not printing black epson

  • Issues in the ink cartridge.
  • Improper source data.
  • The issue is regarding paper printing.
  • Related issues of paper printing.

these are some of the reasons that cause the issue Epson printer won’t print black, now we will move to the solution that helps you to resolve the issue with the Epson.

1. Troubleshooting Methods

To identify the exact reason that causes the issue printer not printing black Epson, first we have to try some of the troubleshooting methods that help you to resolve the issue with the Epson. Follow the simple and easy troubleshooting methods as I mentioned so that you can perform them without any confusion.

  • First, turn off your Epson printer and disconnect the interface cable between the computer and your cable, and also you have to unplug all the USB cables that are connected.
  • In the printer check the availability of the paper.
  • After a few minutes later, reconnect all the interfaces as well as your USB cables, to turn on your printer hold down the power button.

Troubleshooting Epson printer

  • head to the printer settings, after you have turned on your printer, and click on the option “print a test page” for test running on the print test page button.
  • On the dialogue box and other suitable settings, set the paper size, when the dialogue box appears, and then click on the print test page button.
  • If you have found that the problem still exists and the printer still Epson printer not printing black, then in such cases, you have to check the printer ink levels to determine the ink volume in your cartridges, or else you have followed the below-listed solutions step-by-step to resolve the issue.

2. Check the Ink Cartridge

In the different ink cartridges, first, we have to check the volume of the ink available. If the ink ridges are not working properly, they might be the chances for encountering the issue Epson printer not printing black. Then try the given below steps fr checking the Ink Cartridge.

epson printer won t print black

  • First, open the Printer and remove the ink cartridges.
  • There is also a need to check that if there are any empty ink cartridges or even about to end. Then you need to replace them with the new cartridges or even you need to refill them.
  • When you are trying to position their cartridges in their places then you need to very careful and make sure that if the cartridges are properly positioned in their allocated slot.
  • Make sure to use the tape while you are installing the new cartridge over the ventis removed properly.
  • In between the cartridge, the vent doesn’t forget to check the clogging as they are more likely to get clogged by the ink. So, by using the pin or any other sharp object you can simply remove it.
  • If you have found that still, your printer is unable to perceive the ink cartridges then there might be the possibility that your printer is used to work with the log cartridge, so that you can use another alternative cartridge and use the check it again.

Then there might be some sort of issues in your new ink cartridge if not then it might be with your printhead must eat the fault, if the log ink cartridge is able to deliver any sort of output.

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3. Check the Printer Head

You have to check the printhead if the replacement if the cartridges don’t work and then make sure that the printheads aren’t clogged. To get of this error you have to run the automatic printhead cleaning functions on the Epson printer. If running printhead doesn’t work then you have to run it the second and the third time. However, there are limited times to run the automatic cleaning feature and it uses a lot of ink to running the automatic printhead cleaning function.

To troubleshoot the clogs, the automatic printhead cleaning feature is the easiest way and you have to try to clean it manually, you have to remove the printhead from the printer.

how to fix epson printer ink problem

Realign the printer, where for the HP printers, on your printer’s LCD display screen you can also fond this option: Setup > Tools.

4. Advanced Troubleshoots

It is possible to occurrence the problem with the software or the printer driver. Therefore tweaking the printer settings is one of the solutions to the problem.

  • To select the “Glossy photo appear” try changing the printer driver’s settings as this may help the printer to start the printing again. If your printer is having two back cartridges i.e., one is dye-based and the other is pigment. Depending on the paper that you have been selected, your printer uses the type of black ink. The matte paper pigment works the best and the dye works with the glossy. We can able to jump-start any of the black cartridges to work by switching one paper to another.

Here, of the still the Epson printer not printing black and if you have found that the problem us not with the cartridge or with the Printerhead, then you have to reconfigure your printer. After updating your PC or Mac’s operating system, if your printer stopped working then in such cases try to uninstalling and reinstalling your printer driver. On your printer manufactures website, you can also find the downloaded version. Even you didn’t update your Operating system, anyway, reinstall your driver.


Hope any one of the techniques helps you to fix the Epson printer not printing black issue. If everything fails then you have to get a new printer. Be aware not to recycle your printers and it is the common issue Epson printer not printing black, and the issue is expected more for the Old printer. If you have any doubts feel free to text us and stay tuned to Techrulz for more updates & interesting Guides.

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