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As you know, WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat application. But do you know, now there are a lot of modifications to WhatsApp? One of them is YoWhatsApp.

And YoWhatsApp itself is also of many types as we want to discuss, namely YoWhatsApp HeyMods. Many of us use the YoWhatsApp application.

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Not without reason, but they chose this modified chat application because it has a variety of cool features and the application is also powerful from Banned WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp Features

The following are some of the features found in the YoWhatsApp application, including the following features. These are all the features that make this apk interesting.

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1. Disabling Last Seen

The first feature you can use is being able to remove your last seen information so that no one knows when you were last seen online. Someone can only see your information online, and even then if you are opening the YoWhatsApp application. You can even set your own when the information was last seen.

For example, you want people to know if you last saw Wa on 7 September at 08.00. Just set it in settings and everyone will think you were last online at that date and time.

2. Anti Delete Story And Chat

In the YoWhatsApp Hey Mods application settings or other types, there is also anti-delete chat and stories. You can use this feature to view stories and messages that have been deleted or have expired. Because standard WhatsApp only gives 24 hours for stories.

However, if you use this feature, stories that have passed more than 24 hours can still be viewed. Even messages that have been deleted can still be read.

3. Hide Message Status And Typing

Don’t want it, if you’ve read the message? You can enable messages to hide messages that have been read by using the YoWhatsApp application. Usually, messages that have been read will turn into two blue ticks. By using this application, it is possible to remove the blue color.

So that if someone sends a message to you, even if it has been read it will not be seen. The double tick will still be gray instead of blue anymore. In fact, this application also embeds a feature where its function is to delete typing status so that someone will not know if you are replying to the chat.

4. Changing The Theme

This WA application provides a variety of themes that you can use, one of which is when you feel bored with your friends, that’s all. You can use the Yowa theme as you wish.

In addition to teams with dark, light, and so on, you can also use your own photos or images on your phone to be used as your WA theme. You can change this theme at any time according to our wishes.

5. Send Unlimited Videos And Images

Another interesting feature is that you can send images or videos without any size or number limitations. That way you can send videos of long duration and large sizes without having to bother cutting them first.

Of course, this feature is very useful, especially if you are the type of person who likes to share videos with family, relatives, or friends.

Download YoWhatsapp HeyMods And Variations

There are lots of YoWhatsApps scattered on the internet. But unfortunately, not all applications can run smoothly. But don’t worry, because I have recommended various types of YoWhatsApp with the download link.

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And make sure that these applications can run smoothly on your phone. Here are some options for the YoWhatsApp application that you can try to use, such as:

1. YoWhatsApp By Fouad Mods

Maybe many of us do not know about this application. So, Fouad Mods is the official developer of YoWhatsApp as well as being the successor to Yousef Al-Basha. I know this from the official YoWa Yousef website.

Because of this, why I also recommend YoWhatsApp by Fouad Mods which you can use and will run smoothly on mobile. In addition to its very complete features, this type of WA application is also increasingly trusted by people.

Currently, the latest YoWhatsApp version has reached 8.86 (stable). In this version, you don’t need to doubt appearance or performance. The reason is that in appearance it has used One UI Design which looks really cool.

2. YoWhatsApp By HeyMods

YoWhatsApp Hey Mods is a type of WhatsApp application developed by HeyMods, and this application is quite liked by many people. Because it has cool features and looks good.

This application is also frequently updated. Every time the original WhatsApp updates, surely WhatsApp which was developed by Hey Mods also updates the base. The goal is that the embedded features can still function and follow the Official WA.

For now, YoWhatsApp by Hey Mods has arrived at version 15.30.0. You could say the number is the highest when compared to other carrier versions. Interested in trying it, please download the link below:

3. YoWhatsApp By Sam Mods

Besides YoWhatsApp Hey Mods, there are also other versions that enliven WhatsApp modifications. This application is called YoWhatsApp by Sam Mods. Currently, WhatsApp is at version 8.85, the same as the Fouad Mods version.

The features embedded in this application are also not much different, even almost similar to other variants. The only difference is the theme. Because this modified WA application provides a variety of themes that will continue to be updated.

How To Install YoWhatsApp

To install YoWhatsApp Hey Mods or other developer versions is not the same as installing the Official WhatsApp downloaded from the Google Play Store.

There are several important things that you must do first. If you don’t know it, please follow the discussion below:

  • First, open Settings.
  • Then go to Biometrics and security or Security.
  • After that select install from “Unknown sources”.
  • Later you will find a list of applications.
  • Please select My Files and activate File Done.

Anti Ban Tips

Talking about being banned on the YoWhatsApp application, it is certainly very possible. In fact, many users of this application have been banned by official WhatsApp.

But don’t worry, you can minimize the occurrence of getting banned by updating regularly. Here are the steps:

  • Open YoMods first by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then go to settings and go to Updates.
  • After that select Check for Updates to find out the latest updates.
  • If there is an update from the official website, please click Web Download and download the available application.
  • Finally, install the application as usual. Finished.

Note: You don’t need to uninstall the previous app. Just download and install (overwrite) the old app with the new app.


How are you interested in using the YoWhatsApp Hey Mods application or other versions? But one thing I can not guarantee is whether your account will be banned or not. Because WhatsApp Official can ban your number at any time. Hope this article was helpful. Visit our Techrulz site for more information.

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