Download TikTok MOD APK V24.1.5 [Anti-Ban Version]

TikTok Mod Apk is one of the social networking applications that has recently been widely discussed by many people. Applications that can be used to spill all creativity without limits are indeed interesting to discuss and even use.

This TikTok Mod application has spread everywhere and has become an idol of various ages ranging from children to adults. Of course, because this application can not only be used as a place of entertainment, it can also bring its own advantages for its users.

download tiktok mod apk

If you are also here to download TikTok mod apk, then this article is for you. Know how to download and install TikTok mod apk and also learn the TikTok mod apk features below.

What Is TikTok Mod APK?

TikTok Mod Apk is an application that was released in China in 2016 with the function of being an entertainment medium for its users. But in the course of this application is growing with various improvements also in each version.

You can make various video creations that contain information or just entertain yourself with comedy. With this TikTok Mod application, you can easily make everything happen, including seeing other people’s creativity for your inspiration.

It is undeniable that since its launch this application has become a bone of contention for many people who want to download it. Of course, this application provides many advantages when you compare it to other similar applications such as TikTok Mod.

Enthusiastic users are also increasingly making the TikTok Mod application sell well on the market as a social media for many people. In addition, users can also create various content that provides its own education for anyone who watches it.

Not only yourself, but you can also invite some friends to create works or creativity in the form of interesting content. So pleasure is not only felt by individuals but you can share with others.

With more than 100 million downloads from the official link, the developer of this application certainly doesn’t standstill. The developer added various additions to the TikTok Mod application program for the satisfaction of users around the world.

So it is not surprising that this application is increasingly favored by many people, especially young people. Because in addition to the many support features, this application is also quite easy to use by anyone.

If you want to download the TikTok Mod application, then install it on your Android device. Then you can refer to the download link that we share on the page below:

Specifications Of TikTok Mod APK

App name TikTok Mod Apk
App update 2022
App version 24.1.5
App size 101 M
App developer TikTok Pte.Ltd
App genre Video Players & Editors
Compatible platforms Android 4.4 +
App mod No watermark, ad-free, and anti-ban
Application user specifications Children, teenagers, and adults

TikTok Mod APK Download Link

Download TikTok Mod APK 

Note: By using the download link we provided above, you only need to click once to download this TikTok Mod application. Next for the steps to install the application, please see the explanation below:

How To Download And Install TikTok Mod App

Here are the two ways to download and install TikTok mod apk application on your Android devices successfully. You can select the one that suits your device.

1. TikTok Mod APK

  • First, you have to make sure the network used to download the Tiktok Mod application is strong and stable so that the download process can run well and smoothly.
  • Then to download the TikTok Mod application from the link above, then please just click the download icon.
  • After the application file is downloaded, please save it first in the file manager in the storage folder of your Android device.


tiktok mod apk old version

  • When asked for security verification, then please click on the menu that says “Unknown Sources” which is displayed as the security setting for this TikTok Mod application.
  • After that, go back to your phone’s storage folder earlier and find the Tiktok Mod download file, then immediately install it on your Android device now.
  • Wait a few moments until the installation process is completely finished.
  • At this point, you can open and use the TikTok Mod application to create various content and upload it.
  • Don’t forget to create an account first through Facebook or other social media.

2. TikTok Official

If you don’t want to install the TikTok mod apk version, you can follow the below steps.

  • Search for TikTok on PlayStore and then just click on the download icon contained in it to download the TikTok Mod Apk application.
  • If you have finished downloading, at the same time you must also complete the automatic installation process by waiting for a few moments.
  • Then after you finish installing, then please return to the main menu of your Android phone, and there the TikTok Mod application icon appears and immediately open it.
  • Don’t forget to register your mobile number to create a new account, it can also be through Facebook or something else.

Note: If you have followed the download and installation steps above correctly and not a single point has been missed, then we can make sure you will successfully have this TikTok Mod application on your Android device.

But if it fails to install or the application cannot be opened after being installed, it means that there is a problem. You have to make sure your package quota is sufficient or not to fully use this application.

TikTok Mod App Features

Like other social media or entertainment applications, the TikTok Mod Apk application also has various supporting features that users can take advantage of. Of course, this is devoted to application developers so that users are more comfortable using it every day. Check out the full review below:

1. Multiple Filters

The TikTok Mod application has many filters that can be used by users, this can be enabled without downloading it first like the original version. Here you can use filters with services that are free and free of charge even though they are in the form of quotas.

You can use various filters ranging from many types of themes, such as classic, selfie, hair, and so on. Of course, this will add to your enjoyment of using this TikTok Mod application every day.

2. Watch Video Points

You can use this TikTok Mod application to watch videos only, only then you will also get additional points. In addition, you can also create various video content to upload and share on other social media.

You can create a video genre that includes funny comedy or upload a video that contains unique and fun dances. You can even use a series of words displayed in a sliding mode to represent your expressions in this TikTok Mod application.

If you use the TikTok Mod application more and more often to watch various videos in it. the more benefits you can get, especially in terms of adding your points.

3. Points For Creating Video Content

Not only watching videos but you can earn additional points in the TikTok Mod application. More than that, you can also generate a lot of additional points by creating various interesting video content.

After you make a video, then do some editing to enhance your video. Only then can you upload it and share it for other users to see in the TikTok Mod application.

That way you will not feel bored when using this TikTok Mod application between your work or leisure activities. Because there are many types of funny videos or even those that inspire all users.

4. Live Streaming

Users of the TikTok Mod application can also not only watch other people’s videos or make videos that are edited first. You can also do live streaming or live broadcasts with a variety of interesting content to watch.

You can broadcast your daily activities, or others such as traveling, visiting beautiful places, culinary tours, education and learning, interesting tutorials, and many other activities that you can load in this TikTok Mod application directly.

When you broadcast live from the TikTok Mod application, you can add various fun and interesting effects. For example, you can use music as the background for your live streaming video or add other funny stickers.

5. Share On Social Media

What’s interesting about this TikTok Mod application is that users can share various types of video content for other social media applications. You can share multiple videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snack Video, WA Business, Instagram, and so on.

That way you can update your status with something different than just writing a text on your homepage. This is what makes the TikTok Mod application increasingly recognized by many people.

You can upload various comedy videos that are very funny, or even create your own by inspiring anyone who sees it. With a few additional unique effects, your videos will be more interesting to look at.

6. Video Editor

If you want to share your video on other social media platforms, then you can do the editing first through this TikTok Mod application. You can trim videos, add effects, add text, stickers, emojis, increase and decrease duration, and more.

That way the videos you upload will not look boring to other users in this TikTok Mod application. This feature can also train your video editor skills when needed in the future. So you will not be awkward anymore editing various videos.

7. Easy To Understand Usage

Not only interesting to look at, but this TikTok Mod apk is also very easy to understand in terms of its use even if you are new. All the support features in this app will lead you to a simple usage menu.

It’s only natural that the TikTok Mod application is increasingly favored by various groups, from the young to the old. Because it is fairly easy to use, you don’t need to be a professional first to operate it.


After you have known the full explanation of the TikTok Mod Apk application, we can confirm you want to download it immediately. Please just click on the download icon above, then continue installing the application by following the tutorial. We hope this article was of help. Keep visiting Techrulz for more related guides.

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