Best Sites to Download Subtitle for Your Movies & TV Series

Download Subtitles for Movies? When we are watching movies that we aren’t perfect. the Subtitles help us to understand the language, as well as to decipher difficult to follow language. Some movie like Blu-ray etc. will help you to track the Substiles, but some doesn’t show at all.

Some don’t like the movie with subtitles as it covers some content of the movie. While like would like to watch the Subtitles as it would help them to learn the language. However, people would like to watch the dubbed movie in their language. If the dubbed movie isn’t available they would like to watch it with Subtitles.

Download Subtitles for Movies

Subtitles play an important role, understand the movie if your watching an unknown language and it also helps to learn the new language and understand the Movie. Watching the movie in an unknown language without subtitles is like eating food without salt. Here is the list of subtitles that helps you to download the subtitles for the movie.

How to download English Subtitles for Movies

Watch the Original movies with Subtitles is a great way to learn new Learn speeches, Languages, and expressions. When the loud noises disturb your ears, the embedded subtitles will be helpful to clarify the dialogues.

Not Matter why you prefer the Substiles, but here is a list of free website that helps you to subtitles download for the movie that you would like with Subtitles.

1. Open Subtitle

Open Subtitles is the first site, that wants to try if you’re for the subtitles download. It big collection of movie subtitles on the internet. It provides subtitles over five Million according to the site itself.

This site is truly an international language, that provides over 50 languages, which is optional that you need to choose from. It allows you to search sites in the language of different languages.

subtitles download

Here each upload comes with the Movie name, Upload dates, comments, and the quality of the subtitles provided. You can search for subtitles that you’re needed by download, which are uploaded by the other users, simply by using the prominent Search bar. This site not only includes movie subtitles but also includes TV series Subtitles.

2. Yify Subtitles

Yify another simple to use the site, named after the well-known piracy group and with their releases in the mind. Yify only allows downloading the Movie subtitles, unlike some of the other sites. As Yify, is linked to piracy, it offers subtitles that are safe and piracy-free, offering the subtitles download in multiple languages.

english subtitles download

Along with the categories separated by each movie. The home page shows the recently released and popular movies. The searchbar will suggest with the auto-suggestions, the specific movie that you look for and helps you to find a specific release as you type.  This page is dedicated to each movie that offers you a movie release date, length, rating with the subtitles provided are listed below. This is free and doesn’t require any registration. It also handles the available subtitles, that you’re unable to upload on your own.

3. DIVX Subtitles

The site sounds and looks like something like it is of early 2000. DIVX Subtitles will still help you o find the resource to download the Subtitles, especially the Old movies.  Especially for the Major Movies and for Non-English movies, updates for  Divx subtitles continue to trickle through.  You can search for the movie by its name, language, the format of rating, but also through the category page, you can also have a look at the latest Updates.

subtitles srt downloads

If you’re unable to find the Subtitles for the movie, then DIVX subtitles will help you to the movie. Other than English the subtitles will available in many different languages. If you’re struggling to watch English movies then the DIVX subtitles will be the best resource to download subtitles in other languages.

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4. Subscene

Subscene offers subtitles in different languages, including those specially designed for the hearing impaired. The interface of this site is simple, with the forums posted the lists of the movies on the front page and the prominent search bar at the top.

With a signup page, it allows you to submit your own subtitles and offers regular updates for the users. There is the availability of both the movie and TV subtitles, which also provides the subtitles for the Famous music videos.

english subtitles download free

You can post on the community forum if you’re struggling with this site. it offers hundred of discussions in the community forum, with the posts in different languages that offer the discussions and tutorials. Each page on the Divx subtitles has an entry page, that lists the information of the movie itself, such as the year of release with the list of the subtitles that are organized by the user-generated ratings and comments are shown underneath.

5. Addic7ed

It aims to be one-stop-shop providing subtitles to movie addicts, as you can probably guess from its name Addic7ed. To download the subtitles, you need to register with this site. once you registered with this site, you can download the subtitles.

Once you signed in you can search for the movie by the search bar or by scrolling down the drop-down menu. At the top of the page of the RSS feed, you will find the newly released and prominent movies. This site offers you a schedule of the next releases movie and TV shows to stay organized, with relevant links provided subtitles.

english subtitles free download for vlc player

It offers a FAQ and supports asking a question along with in order how to use subtitles with the computer programs, it provides you a tutorial with an explanation. It is available in multiples languages like Open subtitles.


The above list of the sites that helps you to Download Subtitles for Movies. As you are unable to understand the movie that you would like to watch. Hope this article will be helpful for you to find you the best Subtitles downloader to watch the movie. If you any doubts regarding this, text us in the comment section. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more updates.

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