Download Minecraft PC & HP Pocket Edition For Free

Since it was first released on November 18, 2011, Minecraft is still a 3D sandbox game with a large number of players. There are still many people who are looking for ways to download Minecraft PC & HP to try the fun of playing this game with unlimited creative possibilities.

Mojang as the developer released Minecraft in various editions. Each edition has its own uniqueness. It is interesting to discuss what Minecraft games have been released so far.

Download Minecraft PC & HP Pocket Edition for Free

Here, in this article, we will talk about the Minecraft features and the gameplay of Minecraft. We have also provided the download links for all the Minecraft game versions below.

Minecraft Features And Gameplay

At first glance, this game looks simple and impressive for small children. However, if analyzed and observed further, it turns out that this game is also suitable for adults. In Minecraft, there are no special missions that you have to complete as in most games. You are free to do anything in the game.

You can build buildings to magnificent castles through the blocks available in the game. You need to collect a variety of resources in order to build a variety of unique buildings. From here you can guess if this game is also included in the management and development simulation genre.

In addition to having to work hard to collect resources, you will also meet dangerous creatures that will block your progress. You also have to learn how to survive and use resources optimally. Minecraft features and gameplay are unique and interesting.

1. Explore And Collect Resources

The worlds in Minecraft are almost limitless. Visit every inch to collect resources and find various unique things. However, you need to pay attention to supplies to survive so you can continue to collect resources and complete various challenges.

2. Be Creative To Be A Builder

Any building can be built in this game. With creative design and hard work, you can even build a castle from the fantasy Medieval movies. Don’t be shy and make a work that is completely unique, impressive, and can make other players jealous.

3. Share Creations And Play With Friends

Once you’ve successfully created houses, castles, forts, and other buildings it’s time for you to share and showcase your work to the world. You can also play with friends and explore together. You can work together or even grab resources from each other.

Download Minecraft Windows For Windows 10

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is Minecraft available for PC users with Windows 10 operating system. This edition of Minecraft is the latest and premier edition of Minecraft for PC users. Because it’s the latest edition, the quality of the graphics in this game is very good as well as the audio quality.

minecraft windows 10 edition

One of the interesting features of this game is Slash Commands. This feature can let you freely adjust how the mechanics in the game work. For example, you can set the weather, set the time, and set when the enemy will appear. This edition of Minecraft also supports cross-platform.

This means that you can play multiplayer online with Minecraft players playing on macOS, Android, Playstation 4, and other devices. Minecraft for Windows 10 is already equipped with skins, textures, and other interesting content from the community. You can download this Minecraft PC from the link below.

Download Minecraft PC Edition 

Download Minecraft Java Edition

If you want to experience the original edition of Minecraft, you can choose Minecraft Java Edition. In this edition of Java Edition, you are free to do anything in the game. The Java edition has the same features and gameplay as the Windows edition but with less content.

This game is still getting regular updates from the developer. The Java Edition also supports the creation of skins and custom modifications made by players. Support for cross-platform play is also provided by the developer for Minecraft Java Edition.

Download Minecraft Java Edition 

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition

How is Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) different from other Minecraft editions? The answer is simple, Minecraft Edition is a Minecraft game for mobile devices, including Android. Currently, PE has changed its name to just Minecraft. The features and gameplay of this PE are the same as the game Minecraft on PC.

The difference is only in the appearance of the game which is optimized for Android and iOS users. You can still access features such as Slash Command, Multiplayer, and Add-Ons. If you have downloaded Minecraft PC edition, there is nothing wrong with playing the game on a mobile device.

Because it can be played on mobile devices, you can casually play this anytime. The progress of development and survival in the game can be done faster and more often. It’s no wonder that some say playing Minecraft on a mobile device is the best way to play Minecraft.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 

Download Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is the classic version of this game. Before becoming a full game, Minecraft was first released in a browser game format. You can play this game in the browser you are currently using. Minecraft Classic is free and free to play anytime as long as there is an internet connection.

Because it’s not a finished game, the gameplay and features in this classic Minecraft are still limited. The quality of the graphics is still mediocre. For those of you who are bored or those of you who want to try playing Minecraft without having to download the game first, you can play this game.

Download Minecraft Classic

Download Minecraft Dungeons

 minecraft download

Download Minecraft PC Dungeons to experience what it’s like to adventure in the dungeons and complete dangerous missions. Unlike the original game, in this game, you get a mission to eradicate the Arch-Illager demon and can’t just build it.

You will be charged with the mission and survive the many ferocious monsters that are ready to kill you at any time. You can fight in Dungeons alone or with up to 4 other players. The dungeon’s design in this game is very detailed and the size of the Dungeons can be called massive.

Download Minecraft Dungeons 

Download Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is an educational edition of Minecraft that not only teaches users how to learn from the game but also invites students to be able to become rational problem solvers. Uniquely, Minecraft Education Edition provides coding learning.

This game is considered to be able to increase children’s creativity. You will be invited to complete many development projects. Here you will learn what it is like to work with a team of classmates. Learning methods in the form of storytelling and exploration are also available in this game.

Download Minecraft Education Edition 

Download Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth will let you build from objects in the real world. This game encourages the player to get out of the house, move freely, and build anything where he is. In addition, you will also face threats that feel real when exploring.

Download Minecraft PC Earth if you enjoy exploring the real world but still want to play Minecraft. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, the developers no longer issue updates and new content. However, you can still play this game and take advantage of the old content.

Download Minecraft Earth


It’s never too late to download Minecraft PC and Android regardless of the version. There is still room for Mojang to develop this game. The existence of Minecraft with specific content such as Dungeons and Earth proves that in the future there will be similar content that is no less interesting. So, download Minecraft on your device and start playing today. Keep visiting Techrulz for more interesting guides.

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