Does CVS Sell Stamps? An Ultimate Buyer Guide!

Does CVS Sell Stamps? If you are also a person who loves sending letters to your friends and family members, then you must take a look at this post. Maybe you can find some useful information in this post regarding the postage stamps and also know does CVS sell stamps or not.

Stamps are the most important thing when you want to send a handwritten letter. There is no way that you can port your letter without a stamp. But, what if you ran out of stamps at the moment and are struggling to know where to buy stamps near me?

does cvs sell stamps

Well, CVS got your back. CVS Pharmacy and Retail stores also provide postage stamps. Many people do not know that CVS stores and pharmacies actually sell stamps. Know complete information about does CVS sell stamps, the stamps sold at CVS, the price, locations, etc.

Does CVS Sell Stamps

Yes. CVS stores sell stamps at all of their store outlets. You can find first-class stamps and first-class forever stamps at the CVS stores. So, if you were wondering can I buy stamps at CVS, then yes, you can buy stamps easily at any nearby CVS pharmacy and retail store.

where to buy stamps near me

CVS has a first-class forever book of stamps at their stores. You can buy these books of forever stamps at any CVS store without any fail. And one more thing to note is, CVS does not sell individual stamps, so the minimum number of stamps to be bought at once will be ten or 20 which are given in the form of a book of stamps.

Buying Stamps at CVS

CVS is an American retail chain of stores and pharmacies owned by CVS Health. The first CVS Pharmacy was founded in 1963 in Lowel, Massachusetts. Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the CVS Pharmacy retail corporation has more than 10,000 locations around the United States now.

CVS Pharmacies sell medicines and health-related products mainly. Apart from that, they also provide daily life necessities and general, retail products like toiletries, cosmetics, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, non-perishable foods, alcohol, office supplies, etc.

buying stamps at cvs

And, what most people ask about is does CVS sell stamps or not. Well, yes. CVS also sells stamps at their locations. CVS sells first-class forever stamps with different designs, in various sizes, colors, and prints based on the season.

What is the Cost of Stamps at CVS

The cost of stamps at CVS is the same as you can find it at any other place such as Post Office, supermarkets like Walmart, and online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. The postage stamps at CVS are available in the form of a book of 20 stamps or more.

Also, the stamps available at CVS are first-class forever stamps which means you can buy them now and use them even after 10 years. The cost of 20 forever stamps in a book will be $9.8 including the taxes.

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Does CVS Have Stamps for Online Purchase

No. CVS doesn’t sell postage stamps on their online selling site currently. You can only visit the store to buy them.

How to Find the Nearest CVS Store to Buy Stamps

If you are not able to find the CVS store nearest to you, or you want to confirm does CVS sell stamps in your area, then you can just use the location finder page of CVS on the internet? You can also use the  USPS store finder page to access the CVS store location. Here is how to find the nearest CVS store easily.

  • Open your default browser on a smartphone or computer.
  • Now, type this URL “” and search.
  • Enter your Zip code, city name, or other asked details for your location.

does cvs have stamps

  • All the nearby stores of CVS will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can follow the directions, call the store to ask for details, check working hours, too.


Does CVS sell stamps?
CVS sells all kinds of first-class forever stamps. You can find a book of 20 forever stamps easily at CVS stores. The stamps are only available in books and are not sold individually at CVS stores.
How much is a book of stamps at CVS store?
A book of 20 forever stamps at any CVS location is $9.8 right now. You can find different sizes and unique designs of stamps at CVS.
Can I buy postage stamps at CVS?
Yes. All the CVS stores sell postage stamps. You can find a book of 20 forever stamps in the CVS stores at $9.8.
How can I find the nearest CVS location?
If you are in a hurry to buy postage stamps or any necessity from CVS stores, then you can use the CVS store locator website to see the nearest store to you. Go to this website and find the nearest store.
Does CVS sell stamps at a higher price?
CVS sells postage stamps at the regular price as others. CVS stores sell forever postage stamps in a book of 20 at $9.8 which will be $0.49.

Does CVS Sell Stamps – Final Words

To conclude does CVS sell stamps or not, CVS sells stamps at all the stores available throughout the country. You can find a book of forever stamps at CVS. Forever stamps can be used even after years of purchasing so they are useful at any time. Also, we have provided the information regarding the store locator page of CVS. We hope you found this post useful. For more useful guides, visit the TechRulz website.

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