How to Convert Youtube To Mp3? Best Sites to Use

Convert Youtube To Mp3: Converting youtube videos into the Mp3 is quite simple and easy. There are a lot of Apps available on the play store to convert the youtube video into the MP3. The converting of youtube into MP3 is stored in your device for offline listening.

Did you ever go through the situation that your favorite song isn’t available on audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Wynkmusic, Gaana, etc., Whenever you check for the song that you like the most is always available in the form of a video? Downloading the video of your favorite song from youtube may consume a huge amount of battery unless you have the Youtube premium that plays the videos in the background.

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You would like to download the video into the MP3 that is not available on any audio streaming Platform. In this article, we will discuss the best apps that convert youtube videos to mp3. These converters extract the audio files from the youtube videos. Now let’s check them.

How to convert youtube to mp3? Best Apps to Use

Youtube to MP3 or mp3 to youtube converters are the applications that enable you to convert the videos into audio files. It downloads the high-quality sound files and stores them on local devices. Many such programs can be used Online without any registration.

The following is the list of the top youtube to mp3 converters that convert video files into the audio files that save the files on your device for listening offline. If you don’t know how to do that, we are here to help you. Below are the steps that guide you on how to download MP3 from Youtube using these tools.

1. 4K Download

4K Download is a tool, with ease that enables the conversion of the video into MP3. This Application enables you to download Youtube Playlists and Channels. It is available for Windows. Android, Mac, and iOS.

youtube to mp3 converter

Supports many features like,

  • It has an In-built music app.
  • It supports the website like Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and many more.
  • You can download the audio-books.
  • When converting the audios, it turns the video into the MP4, MP3, 3GP, and MKV  format.
  • Can download the videos from any site without any hassle.

2. Snap Downloader

Snapdownloader is a video downloader that lets you convert youtube videos into MP3. You can also download the Playlists, channels, and VR videos. The snap downloader downloads the best audio quality available inbuilt.

mp3 to youtube

It supports the following features like

  • Converts the audio into the following format like MP4, MP3, AVI. AAC. M4A, WAV, and AIFF.
  • simple and easy to use the interface.
  • Simultaneous download from multiple websites.
  • supports more than 900 websites, that includes Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.,

3. Vidmate

Vidmate is a free App, that use to download movies, videos, and even songs for free.  It is used to download youtube videos into the MP3 format. This App doesn’t charge anything from the users. You can find the specific video or audio from the search file that it contains.

It supports features like

  • It downloads the files with the fastest speed, even with the same internet connection when compared to other similar applications.
  • It is available in more than 11 different languages.
  • It supports the application like youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more to download the videos or MP3.
  • The users can download, and use it for free.

4. Youtube to MP3 Convertor

Youtube to MP3 converter that allows you to save youtube videos into MP3. This tool allows you to download the videos in high-quality audio format. These tools can be used without any registration. This site converts youtube videos into mp3 easily and fastly.

youtube to mp3 converter software

It supports features like

  • It doesn’t need any type of registration.
  • You can download high-quality sound files.
  • you can choose the format that you want.
  • These tools work for the devices like Mobiles, Computers, and Tablets.

5. Videoproc

Videoproc is a one-stop video processing tool. This tool allows you to quickly convert the video files into Audio files and saves them as MP3, ACC, and many more audio formats. As you extract the audios file from the videos they are stores in the local drivers. Videoproc also allows converting the YOutube videos into Audio files.

youtube to mp3 converter software free download

It supports the feature like

  • You can download the Audio with the original quality.
  • It offers a free video editing tool kit.
  • Can change the formats and compresses the huge-sized files.
  • Supports more than a thousand websites.
  • You can edit, transcode, trim, cut, merge, convert, and can adjust large 4k audios or videos.

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6. YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is a free video downloader. TO download the videos or audio you need to install the YTD video Downloader on your device or even from the internet. YTD Video Downloader is software that extracts the audio from the video files and saves it on your local device. You can also download videos like Facebook, to mp3 converter software free download full version

It supports features like

  • It is fast and easy.
  • YOu can downloads the audio in a format like MP3, Avi, and many more formats.
  • You can download the files from internet explorer.
  • The supports the windows Operating System.
  • You can save unlimited videos.

7. YTB MP3

YTB MP3 is one of the best tool the converts the youtube video files into the Audio files. The steps to follow to download the file is Find Video, Copy, Paste and click on the blue button to download the files.

youtube to mp3 converter software free download for windows 7

It supports the following features like

  • It provides you a user-friendly interface.
  • From YTBMP3, you can search for youtube videos.
  • For the blocked videos, a green button will be shown.
  • This tool allows you to download high-quality files and saves them to the hard disk.
  • Can able download the videos with a single click.

8. Any Video Converter

It is an application that supports numerous video inputs. This application supports the devices like iOS, Samsung, iPhone, AppleTV, and many more. Any Video Converter is the best App that converts video files and audio files in a single step.

youtube video to mp3 converter software free download full version

It supports the following the features like

  • With Ease, it downloads the files from youtube.
  • It can be used on the Window Platform.


The above given is the list of the Video to Audio files Convertor. Where you can enjoy the audio files that are extracting from the video files when you’re upset as your most liked songs are not available in their audio format. I hope, this article will help you to find the convertors to convert Youtube to Mp3. If you have any doubts, text us in the below comment section. Feel free to share the article with friends on social networking sites. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides and for problem-solving.

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