How to Change Reddit Username in 3 Simple Steps – [2021]

How to change Reddit username? If you are new to Reddit, after you created the account it suggests you set your username.  There are many ways to change your usernames, later. Many of the users have googled “How to change the Reddit Username?”.

Reddit is an online platform, that is based on People’s interests. On this platform, the users can select the communities based on their interests.  People usually create their Username on trendy topics or based on their interest and the content they gonna post or Username or display name needs to include the details related to your birth name. Your personal details will be more secure and they can’t reveal out.

Change Reddit Username

After Somedays, Users would like to change their Usernames that are trending and Unique based on their posts. So, in this article, we would like to discuss, How to change the Reddit Username and the best alternatives, that you created long back with some random name.

How To Change Reddit Username

You may or may not know that, when we once create the Username on Reddit, there is no way to change the Username that is associated with your old account, Whereas it is easy to change the usernames for Instagram, Facebook, etc., that get rid of your old user name. But in Reddit, To change your Username you need to create another account, and then deactivate your old account.

If you’re deactivating your account, it doesn’t delete your account, But it deletes your username and not allows you to access the account. Still, your posts and comments are visible, however, you can’t return to the account. Even when you try to sign in to the account with the username or the email it will not work.

how to change reddit username

As you created a Reddit, when you’re Teenager or when have given some random name, but, now you would like to change the username to desired a unique one. Here are some of the tools. However, it is not the dead-end where are some methods to do so.

1. Steps To Change your Reddit username

As we know, that the username is assigned to your account for security purposes. Changing the  Username or change the Reddit username is not possible once you assigned your Username. You can change your Username by deleting the existing account, and you cannot access your account further but still, your posts and comments will be visible. follow the below steps to do so.

  • Visit the Reddit website on your PC.
  • If you’re already logged into your account, Log Out from the account, which is at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  • If you’re already Logged Out from the account, create a New Account, by clicking on the Sign-Up button on the homepage of the Reddit Website.
  • It Navigates you to another page, asks you to enter the email to signup or you use the Email id that is already associated with your active Reddit account. Enter your Email Id and click on Next.

how to change your reddit name

  • Select your Username, Password and click on the Sign-Up button. You can create a new Reddit account with your desired User ID.

how to change your reddit username mobile

Here you can create a new account on Reddit and Create your desired user name that is unique. But be careful while choosing the account coz., once you create the Username you can’t change it again.

2. Steps to Change your Display Name in PC

If you would like to change the Username of your Reddit account, but you know it doesn’t work to change your Username, but you can change your Display name, It doesn’t affect your actual username. Where your profile will display with a new Display name and your user name shown as before. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Login into the Reddit account.
  • After login into Reddit, go to the settings tab.
  • On your setting, select the User settings.

change reddit username

  • On your user settings, Click on your profile, and you find the option “Customise Profile”.

how to change username on reddit

  • Enter your New Display, and then save.

3. Steps to Change your Display Name in Mobile

If you would like to change your display name for your Reddit account, with the desired name which doesn’t affect your Username. To change your display, follow the below steps to do so.

  • Open the Reddit app on your mobile, click on the profile Avatar to navigate to the Settings.
  • Select the “My Profile”, it navigates you to the “Profile Customise Navigation” page.
  • As you click on the Edit, a new window will be open, where you can make the changes to your display name.

how to change your reddit username

  • Input your desired name on the display text to change the display name and Save.

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4. Why Reddit doesn’t allow you to change the Username at any time?

As we all know the Usernames are differ from the Display Names. It is associated with the Reddit account for security reasons and to make sure that you can’t be impersonated. The Username asr Unique like the Email ID. Your account is only one username, which cannot be altered. The only way to change the Username is to deactivate the Reddit account and Change the Username with the New account.

5. If you are worried about the Unique Usernames?

Every User on the Social platform wants their username to be Unique but sometimes doesn’t strike our mind. Don’t worry about the unique Usernames, some tools generate the usernames for the social platforms, which are listed below.

  • Username Generator.
  • SpinnX0.
  • Name Generator.
  • Nordpass.


Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t allow you to change the Username or how to change the username on Reddit. You’re only allowed to change the username at the time when you’re creating your account, it remains constant or unchanged forever. You can create or change the new username by creating a new account.

But remind that, your previous cant be sync with a new account even if you have given the same Email ID. Hope this article helps you to provide the necessary content you need.  If you have any doubt text us in the comment section. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides and make your tech life easier.

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