Cable TV Alternatives: Best Alternatives to Cable TV in 2021

Cable TV Alternatives: Say no to Cable TV and switch to an online streaming service now. With amazing features like live TV, sports, and news on streaming services, there is no need to pay for cable TV every month. In this post, we have listed the best Cable TV alternatives for our readers.

Generally, a one-month Cable TV service costs $107 on average. This when multiplied by 12 becomes more than $1200 per year. Even after paying this much money, you still can’t get all the desired channels on your cable TV. Sometimes, you have to pay for the channels that you don’t even watch but they are on the list, that’s all.

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The simple and best solution for this is to cut the cord. Don’t pay for cable TV anymore. Streaming services are not any less than your cable TV and are in fact much better in various aspects. You can add or remove channels, select the plan according to your needs. Know the best cable TV alternatives of 2021 below.

Best Cable TV Alternatives

Below are the 10 best alternatives to Cable TV along with their charges. You can have a look at this quick overview for briefing. For more details about each alternative, scroll down to read more.

Cable TV Alternatives Price
Hulu with Live TV $55 per month
YouTube TV $65 per month
Fubo TV $65-85 per month
Sling TV $30 per month
Philo $20 per month
Netflix $9-16 per month
Amazon Prime Video $9 per month
Disney + $7-13 per month
YouTube Free
Online Channels Free

1. Hulu with Live TV

Now you can watch the TV without cable using the Hulu streaming service. Hulu is one of the best cable TV alternatives in the current period. Hulu has a large library of collections of movies, TV shows, originals, and much more. If you wish to have it, then you can also get the Hulu + Live TV subscription.

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Hulu without live TV will only cost around $6 per month. Pretty cheap, isn’t it? However, if you want to add the live TV option to it, then the subscription is $64.99 per month. You can watch many channels on this service including ESPN, CBSN, CNN, CBS Sports Network, Disney Jr., etc.

2. YouTube TV

Please don’t get confused, we are not talking about YouTube. Here we are describing the streaming service YouTube TV. YouTube TV is one of the biggest streaming platforms to be found ever. You can access up to 70 TV channels on YouTube TV that includes  CNBC, Fox News, and CNN.

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Apart from big channels, you can also watch local network channels on YouTube TV. Several sports, news, films, reality shows, kids, and cooking channels are available for the users on this streaming platform. YouTube TV subscription costs $65 per month and is worth it.

3. Fubo TV

Fubo TV comes next on the great cable alternatives list. Fubo TV’s family plan subscription gives you access to 100 channels, including national and local channels, a cloud DVR feature, and a family screen sharing feature up to 3 devices. The Family plan subscription costs around $65 per month.

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The other subscription plan which is the Ultra plan costs $85 per month and it’s totally worth the cost. You can watch up to 200 channels, 500 cloud DVR hours, and more devices that can share the screen. Fubo TV is an excellent alternative to Cable TV without any doubt.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV has great options to explore streaming services without a cable cord. You can access more than 30 live TV channels on Sling TV including AMC, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, HGTV, and the Disney Channel. Sling Blue plan is available at the cost of $30per month.

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There is also a combo of Sling Blue and Sling Orange that can be bought at $45 per month. If you wish to add more channels to your Sling TV, then there are also add-ons available ranging from $5-10. Sling TV gives more options at a cheaper cost and is surely one of the best cable TV alternatives.

5. Philo

Philo is also one of the best cable TV alternatives and provides better options than your cable TV. This streaming service is only $20 per month and offers a great variety of selections. You can access up to 61 live TV channels including Nick, AMC, TLC, etc on Philo.

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Philo is amazing in various aspects. Apart from providing a wide variety of shows and films, and a collection of channels, it also offers a platform sharing option. You can use one Philo subscription on up to 3 devices and also record the screen as well.

6. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s largest streaming service right now. If this goes on further, Netflix may also take over the cable TV service soon. Netflix lets you watch more than 40,000 episodes and many more films. The content you find here is exclusive and not easily accessible on other platforms.

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Netflix comes in 3 subscription plans. The Basic plan of Netflix is only $9 per month whereas the Standard and Premium subscriptions are $13 and $16 respectively. Netflix is a great way to save money and watch unlimited entertainment shows and films.

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7. Amazon Prime Video

Just like Netflix, Hulu, etc, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best cable TV alternatives. This streaming service is available at only $9 per month and lets you stream unlimited movies and shows on its platform. Amazon Prime Video has a large library of films, shows, and also its hit originals like “This is us”.

10 best cable tv alternatives

Even if you don’t find a movie or show on Amazon Prime Video, you can rent it or buy it on this streaming service easily. Students are the most benefitted ones on this website as there are great student discount opportunities available on Amazon Prime Video.

8. Disney +

Disney + is a great place to watch your favorite movies from Disney Pictures. You will find world-famous films from studios like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and much more on Disney +. This streaming service is a better option for both adults as well as kids.

cable tv alternatives in 2021

Disney + subscription starts from $7 per month. There is also a subscription combo Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN that will cost you around $13 per month. If you want to have a full sports, movies, and kids pack, then this is one of the best Cable TV alternatives.

9. YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. You can find almost everything on this world on this website. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on cable TV, just watch the videos on YouTube that too without losing a single buck. YouTube is most surely one of the best and free cable TV alternatives.

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You can watch films, TV series, cartoons, stream songs, albums, cooking videos, news, sports, and whatnot on YouTube. There may be a chance that you are unable to find a movie or show on YouTube. However, there are still plenty of movies and shows available on YouTube. Only a few are left that ask for paying to watch.

10. Online Channels

Several large TV channels like CBN, Fox entertainment, and others offer free streaming of films and TV series episodes for a limited time period on their websites. If you have a streaming device like a smart TV or Apple TV, then just download any of these apps on your device.

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While most cable TV alternatives are free to use, a few may ask for paying subscribers. However, the subscription will not be too much. So, you can pay for them as well. Look out for the channel to post free films and episodes and watch them easily.


Are streaming services better than cable TV?
Streaming services are far better than the monthly cable TV service you use. In streaming apps, you can select the plans, options, and also channels according to your interests.
What are the best cable TV alternatives?
Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu are some of the best cable TV alternatives that are both affordable and gives a wide variety of options.
Which live TV streaming services are the best?
Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV are the best options to watch live TV streaming on your smartphone or TV.
Can you watch local channels without cable TV?
Yes. You can watch live TV channels as well as several local channels on streaming services without connecting to cable TV. Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu + live TV, and other streaming services provide local channel services.
How much does Hulu live TV cost for one month?
A one-month Hulu subscription costs $6 per month. If you want to buy a Hulu + live TV subscription, then the cost is $64.99 per month.


Spending money on cable TV services every month is just a waste. You can get the same features at a lower price on online video streaming sites. In half of the cost you spend on cable TV, you can avail the benefits of live TV channels, news, sports, films, TV shows, and much more. We have provided the best cable TV alternatives in this post that you can shift to. For more useful guides, visit the TechRulz website.

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