5 Best Web Browsers for Roku 2021 – Latest List

Do you want to know the best Roku web browsers to get them on your Roku TV and experience more bunch of features on your device? But first, is there even a browser on Roku?

If you want to make your Roku TV a means of browsing, then it is not so great idea. Even though this device is giving services for a long time, you can find only 2 Roku web browsers, namely Media Browser and Reddit Browser that too not developed by Roku itself.

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Although there are only two browsers that can be found on Roku in the Channels list, both of them are not good enough to give a smooth browsing experience. So, if you want to get a new Roku web browser, then this guide is written for you.

Does Roku Have a Web Browser?

Yes, Roku does have a web browser option in its Channels. However, there are only two in-built internet browsers available, Media Browser and Reddit Browser. Both of these apps are not sufficient enough to provide smooth browsing for the users.

Media Browser is only available for surfing the internet, reading news, and playing some audio files, However, you can’t get access to playing videos on Media Browser. This is why you are in great need of the best Roku web browser to have a more interesting and fun experience on Roku TV.

Roku Web Browsers List

There are only a limited number of web browsers for Roku TV available to add to it. You can’t just add any browser to Roku without checking the compatibility. The process will be complex and hard to go through if you want to add unsupported web browsers on Roku.

For example, if you want to add Chrome to your Roku TV, then you have to use it through screen mirroring. We have listed the options for the best web browser for Roku TV below. Go through our guide and get a browser on your Roku stick.

1. The Roku Channel

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The Roku Channel is the best web browser for Roku users. This browser is named after the device itself, Roku, and lets you stream a great variety of content on its platform. You can browse the internet, watch the news, play music, stream your favorite movies, and much more on The Roku Channel. This browser uploads most of its content from Yahoo, and also keeps its users entertained with the content updated from time to time. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your internet surfing, this is one of the best Roku web browsers.

2. Media Browser

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Media Browser is already built-in the Roku Stick by default. Roku supports this browser on its platform without any issues, so you can use it to browse video content. The browser interface is very straightforward and user-friendly as well. The colors are soothing and attractive for the background. However, there is a huge downside of this browser, which is you can’t stream any other content on it apart from movies, music, and TV. So, if you were thinking about this as an internet exploring platform, then this is not for you.

3. Firefox

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Firefox is already as we all know, one of the best web browsers for any PC or smartphone. The best thing is, Firefox is also supported on Roku and is one of the best Roku web browsers that you can find on the internet. You can surf the internet and search for everything going on around the world. Read blogs, find solutions in critical situations, play songs, watch movies, and much more on Roku with the Firefox web browser easily.

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4. POPRISM Web Browser

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POPRISM is another web browser supported by Roku TV. You can browse through a wide variety of content on this web browser and explore. Readers will find this web browser more comfortable with the plain text format. Since this is not a Java scripted browser, you can’t open images or videos on it. This web browser is not greatly compatible with other browsers, so there may be difficulty in reading through unformatted fonts. To go through with this issue, you can use the remote buttons Up, Down, Left, and Right, for easy navigation.

5. FilmRise

5 best roku web browsers

The last recommendation for the best Roku web browser is FilmRise. FilmRise is the best web browser for Roku when one wants to watch various and any number of movies.  This movie browser lets you access more than 10,000 films and Television shows. There is also an easy browsing option by going through the categories like Classic, Featured, Reality, etc. You can watch all the latest movies on this browser for free of cost. All these features make FilmRise one of the best Roku web browsers.


Can I Browse The Internet On Roku?
Yes, you can browse through the internet on Roku with a supported web browser. Surf the internet, read the news, search for locations, stream videos, and much more on Roku.
What Are The Best Roku Web Browsers?
Firefox, Chrome, and The Roku Channel can be considered the best web browser for Roku without any doubt. You can also find a number of web browsers on the internet to choose from.
Is There An Internet Browser On Roku?
There is an internet browser on Roku, named “Media Browser” already added in the Channels. However, you can only stream movies and music on this platform. You can’t explore through the internet for information.
Is There A Free Web Browser For Roku?
No, you can’t find any free web browsers for Roku on its platform. However, you can switch to other free browsers like Firefox, Media Browser, etc.
Can I Use Google Chrome For Roku?
There’s no Google Chrome app to install on Roku devices directly. However, you can opt for the Screen mirroring from another Miracast-enabled device to use Chrome on Roku.


Hope you found this article helpful. We have given the best 5 Roku web browsers to fulfill your browsing experiments on the Roku TV easily. Choose the best one for Roku and browse through the internet to explore.  The Roku Channel and FilmRise are the best options for those who want to watch movies and TV shows only. POPRISM is only good for readers as it can’t play videos. If you liked this informative guide, keep connected with TechRulz for more such articles.

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