Best Geyser In India 2022 – Best Storage Water Heaters

Are you in search of the Best geyser in India 2022? Well, in all these days Buying or purchasing a water heater or geyser is very simple. You can easily buy from any shop or online store a water heater that comes with the best or unique features, be durable enough, and has effective and fast heating.

Make sure you keep hot water for a long time, warranty and service should be good. Then you must have the right information that’s why we are here. Today I will talk about the best storage water heaters with the useful information which I will give you.

Best geyser in India 2022

We might have seen lots of geysers available in different price positions. You guys had a lot of questions, most of which we also solved. Apart from this let’s now talk about the best geyser in India 2022. First I will tell you the third number storage water heater then 2nd and 1st.

Best Geyser In India 2022 | Best Storage Water Heaters For Home

Let me tell you the complete details related to the Storage Water Heater. You will also find the water heater buying guide. Not just the buying guide, I will talk about storage water heaters with a capacity between 10-30 liters. It also has water heaters of large size but they are used in hotels or apartments. Normally these heaters are used mostly in small hotels, in restaurants, offices, and in homes.

So there are two heaters storage and instant. All these Instant water heater’s capacity is less but they heat the water very fast and the storage water heater has more capacity but he took a very long time. Anyhow let’s now focus on the third storage water heater then the second and first. The first storage water heater comes from AO SMITH. So, thereby let’s get into the complete details.

1. AO Smith

If you are searching for the Best Geyser in India 2022, then here it is none other than the well-known brand AO Smith geyser. Its design is quite good and its features are also good. If we talk about its features, then it comes with a five-stars ratings, the higher the star rating, the better. It’s available 10, 15, & 25 liters. You can use a 10-liter water heater for 2 to 3 people. You can use 15 liters water heater for 4 to 5 people and 25 liters you can use for more than that.

But it is not necessary, you can also use a 10-liter water heater for more people but you have to use it again and again. And a storage water heater plays a very important role in its inner tank and its road. The quality of its inverter is good, but to make it more durable, it has been coated in the same way as iron is painted to protect it from rust. so the quality is good.


  • The quality is good.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Highly durable enough.
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • Stainless steel connecting hose is available.


  • Bit noisy.


2. Alloy ROD

Now the second important thing comes, its road has been made of alloy rod, alloy rod can be better than magnesium rod if good quality alloy road is used. And here good quality alloy rod is used whereas other water heaters use magnesium rod. Alloy road will be very good if you have hard water. you can use it even when hard water comes and you can use it even when soft water comes. Its power consumption will be 2 kW, its maximum power consumption will be and this will happen only when you use it at full speed. and control knob is given in this. From where you can control the temperature, if you use on low medium and high, if you use on low then power consumption will be less and if you use on high mode then power consumption will be high.

what is the best geyser in india

But if the power consumption is less then water heating will also take time, so keep this point in mind. It comes with 8 bar pressure so you can use it for 7 to 8 Floor buildings and for less than that, it has an ABS plastic body on the outside. 7 years inner thank warranty and 2 years full water heater warranty. Its installation is free in many city’s you will find its list on Amazon, you will go there and check manually.

If you also live in those city’s then installation will be free and otherwise, you will have to pay ₹400 extra for installation. If You Consider AO Smith Water Heater. Now In Last Let Me Tell You Its Price Will Be Approx ₹9500. And I am telling you the price of a 15-liter water heater, let me tell you that the prices keep fluctuating. You will get it online but you can also see it in any shop offline. So that you will be able to purchase an original water heater.


  • The Alloy rod is used and comes with blue diamond glass coating, and also this knob is also given to control the temperature.


  • Bit expensive.


3. Bajaj New Shakti Neo

Now comes the next water heater from Bajaj is very good this is its upgraded model Bajaj new shakti neo. Also, it is the Best Geyser in India 2022. Last year also I suggested to you its old model, now in 2021 its new model has arrived and this new model has some upgraded features too. The price of this will be approx ₹6500 and if you want to take the old model if you want to take Bajaj New Shakti, then the price will come down a bit, but I will recommend you that you should take this. Its available 10, 15 & 25 liters sizes. Comes with 4 stars ratings. Its tank has also been coated, magnesium rod has been used to make it durable, the quality of the road is good.

You can also use this for hard water but if you use Au Smith’s water heater then there will be more batter. The power consumption will remain 2 kW comes with 8 bar pressure, you can use it only normally and can also be used for six to seven-floor buildings. And to speed up the hitting, they have used new swirl flow technology and also there will be a warranty of 2 years water heater and 5 years inner tank warranty. Here only 5 years warranty is available.


  • It has also been coated in the inner tank, new technology has been used to make hitting fast.
  • This inner tank warranty is a bit short But Over All Is A Good Storage Water heater You Can Consider.
  • It is also available in 10, 15 & 25-liter sizes, 2 kW will also have power consumption, once it comes with pressure.
  • Magnesium rod is also used in this and there will be 7 years inner tank warranty and 2 years full product warranty.
  • Multiple safety systems have also been installed here and child safety has also been taken care of.


  • The price is bit high.


These are the tops pics and categorized as Best Geyser in India 2022 available at an affordable price. Among these three, again the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Metal Body 4 Star Water Heater with Multiple Safety System, White is suggestable. Make sure you go through the complete product overview and continue to purchase it now which satisfies your requirements very well. Anyhow stay connected with Techrulz to learn more interesting products and more interesting information shared here.

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