Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans In India

Are you likely to have one such Best Ceiling Fans in India? If you are looking for a good ceiling fan And confused about which ceiling fan to choose, this tutorial is for you. So after reviewing here your confusion will go away.

Because right here you will know which ceiling fans are the best in the market. And I will tell you the 5 best ceiling fans, which we have made this shortlist after comparing a lot of fans. Let me tell you that in our list today, we have only added those who are fans of simple and normal design and are mostly used.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans in India

Those who are highly designing fans, we may discuss later. Let’s go ahead and learn the top 5 best ceiling fans in India right now.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans In India

Well, straightforwardly, let’s go through the top picks of the best ceiling fans in India that cost affordable and are highly durable in nature. You might have asked what to see while purchasing the one. Like the budget, type, brand, and many more. Anyhow, let’s concentrate and learn every single product explained below in detail.

1. Havells Leganza

Its design is good it comes with 4 blades. Its blade size is 1200 mm. Which is a normal blade size, it is mostly used in fans. There is a double ball bearing that reduces friction which is a very good thing. The copper winding has been used in its motor. Which is the best compared to aluminum winding. Its power consumption is 72 watts and this fan can work easily between 220 to 240 voltage. Which is the normal voltage supplied in our homes. Air delivery is 230 CMM and revolution per minute 350. it comes with multicolors. so you can choose according to you. and 2 years warranty.

Guys, The most important thing that we haven’t covered yet is its price, its price will be approx ₹2900 But let me tell you, the price of them keeps going up and down a little more and more. Friends, there are some models whose features are the same but there is a slight difference in their price, so we have also taken care of all these in selecting these ceiling fans. So that you can buy any of these ceiling fans without getting confused.


2. Orient Electric Apex

This is priced around ₹1400 which is a simple design fan. Talking about its features, its blade size is 1200 mm, its RPM is 370 which is more than the previous one. Air delivery is 200 cubic meters Comes with copper winding Double ball bearing is also done in it. Also, it is inverter compatible. Isn’t interesting? Other than this, costs are affordable.

best ceiling fans in india under 2000

It also works on normal voltage 220 to 240 volt And the power consumption is 78 watts and you will get it in multicolor which you can select accordingly. The number of speed settings is going to be 5. Also, 2 years warranty is also available. Moreover comes in two different colors brown and white. Depending upon the user’s choice can pick and purchase the same accordingly.


3. Cropton Aura

This is now number three, its price is around 2670 rupees. It also comes with a 1200 blade size and its RPM will be 380 Air Delivery is 230 CMM. The power consumption is 74 watts and the voltage is the same 220 to 240 copper windings and double ball bearings. And also with 2 years warranty, you will get it in multicolor.

While coming towards its quality components, it is made up of 100% copper including the double ball bearings. You are also going to find out the dynamically balanced blades and is purely anti-rust aluminum body. Greater stability and completely no noise.


4. Usha Bloom

This is which is priced at ₹2880 which comes in double color with a beautiful design. If we talk about the features, then the best feature in this is that dust can not accumulate on its blade. Because Novel Silane Paint Technology has been used in it. Also, it is oil and moisture resistant Because it has been given a highly oleophobic and hydrophobic surface. This is a very good benefit you get and also there will be no scratches or stains on its surface. Its RPM is 380 and its air delivery is 240 CMM.

Its blade design is very good so that the air delivery becomes better. Blade size is 1250 mm and the power consumption is 72W. It will work on normal voltage but if there is ever voltage fluctuation, it can work easily without any problem even if there is more or less voltage. It comes with copper winding and a double dole bearing. And also with 2 years warranty, you will get it in multicolor. So, guys, Usha Ceiling Fan is the best you can also buy it online and I would like to tell my weaver that you buy it online only so that you will be able to buy an original product.


5. Atomberg Efficio

Its price is approx ₹ 3000 it is a bit expensive but it can be a very good ceiling fan for you. Talking about the features, the BLDC motor has been used in it so that it will use less power than other ceiling fans. Power consumption will be only 28 watts at its highest speed. Otherwise, power consumption will be less than 28 watts. Another benefit is that you can control it with the remote, you can also set its time from its remote so that it will be turned off automatically. You can increase its speed with the remote, you can do it on sleep mode, you can do it on boost mode.

So this is also a very good feature you get in ceiling fans. And this fan can run from 140 volts to 280 volts so that if the voltage fluctuation happens, it will not affect this fan, then this is also a very good feature. its blade size is 1200mm, the RPM is 350 You will also not find the problem of heating in it, that is, it will not heat up very quickly feature are to others. there will be air delivery 220 CMM, its also use copper winding, And this is a new technology which has also got many awards in UK and India. you get multicolor and it comes with a 3-year warranty. So, guys, you must have understood that why this fan is number one, by this we can save a lot of electricity.


If You Buy This Ceiling Fan You Can Enjoy Highly Features. Hence this statement clearly states that the Atomberg Efficio is completely suggestable. I hope this tutorial has helped you a lot and now you will be able to choose a good ceiling fan for yourself. Anyhow for more tutorials, stay in touch with Techrulz and keep learning.

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