Best Animation Apps For IPhone & Android {Updated List}

Do you want the best animation apps for your android and iPhone? In today’s world, no user exists without knowing animation. Creating something with effective animations is not that easy for a single person these days. But if you see, the current scenario is totally reflected in the opposite direction. Any user can go through and perform some amazing creations with it.

There are several apps that greatly support creating such animated images and videos, especially GIFs with perfect and outstanding animation respectively. Whatever device you use either it might be the iPhone or the Android, doesn’t matter! Just get any one of these apps and start accessing them to create wonderful animated collections very well.

best animation apps for android and ios

Creating animations is a crazy experience and one can have fun too. Therefore, lookout the below lists provided in the form of bullet points. As such all these apps greatly help to create outstanding/ craziest/ funniest animations and can share them with all your friends to have ultimate fun.

Best Animation Apps For IPhone And Android

Well, as discussed, below is the list of best animation apps that greatly help you to access and create wonderful animated memes in a single instance. Let us look forward to a few more details related to each and every particular app provided right here.

  1. Toontastic 3D
  2. I Can Animate
  3. GIFMob
  4. PicsArt Animator

Pick the one you like to go with and have a wonderful experience with it in creating the most unique/ craziest or funny animation pictures respectively.

1. Toontastic 3D

This is the most popular app for creating animated videos and GIFs. With this particular app, one can draw, animate, and also narrate all the cartoons in a more perfect way. It is simple and very much easy to use. All you have to do is moving the characters all around the screen, tell the story so that the Toontastic records the voice and animations, saving on your respective device with 3D.

One can say this is the most powerful tool in creating adventures, breaking news reports, family photo albums, and much more with an outstanding look. Also, if you see today there are millions of users accessing this particular 3D animation apps supported by iPhone and Android OS.

Get 3D animation Apps for Android Like Toontastic 

Get a Toontastic 3D Animation App for iPhone 

2. I Can Animate

With the help of this particular app, one can easily create animations the same as how exactly the professionals do. All that you need is to move your fingers and there we are to create wonderful animated characters with this particular application. It is greatly supported by both iPhone and Android Smartphones.

animation apps for iphone

Moreover, this app is available for free! What are you waiting for? Utilize this app right now and explore the most amazing world of animation very well. Also, through this, try to create movies that totally include ultra-high definition which is 4 times higher than the normal resolution respectively.

Get I Can Animate Animation Apps for Android

Get I Can Animate Animation Apps for iPhone

3. GIFMob

By accessing this particular app, one can create motion to GIF, MP4 animation respectively. This is the most popular app accessed by millions of users even today. Whatever device you use either it might be an android smartphone or an iPhone, the app is highly compatible and supported enough to create multiple GIFs.

The features like simple and easy user interface, creating the most animated GIF and MP4 with unlimited pictures, maintaining superposition mode, saving the video in MP4 format, and much more are included. As a result, to get this most wonderful app, just simply tap on the below link right away.

Get Best Animation Apps for Android Like GIFMob

Get Best Animation Apps for iPhone Like GIFMob

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4. PicsArt Animator

While getting back with PicsArt animator, this is a very famous or popular animation app supported by android and iOS respectively. In simple words, one can say this is a cartoon creator app that totally includes various unique functionalities and delivers the app with utmost accuracy.

3d animation apps for android

Just simply with a single tap, one can get this wonderful app into their device. And with the help of this, the users can make various cartoon videos, funny doodles, animated GIFs with very simple steps. Just simply doodle, make fun with the app and share the amazing picture with all your friends successfully.

Get PicsArt animator App for Android

Get PicsArt Animator App for iPhone

Wrapping Up

As per my opinion, all these apps greatly support and compatible with the respective device you use. If you like to learn more or any doubts, just drop a comment in the below comment box so that we help and reach you. Therefore, if you like the article, share it with friends and also through any of the social networking sites right immediately. Thank you and keep connected with TechRulz for learning more interesting apps.

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