Top 5 Best 4K Smart TVs Under 30000

So if you’re looking for the best 4k Smart TVs under 30000? OR else likely to have a 4K Android smart TV, then this tutorial is for you. Today we’ll be talking about the best 4K smart TVs under 30000. Nowadays we have so many brands offering multiple TVs.

Some 10 years ago we didn’t have enough options but now we have many choices. Right? We have many different options from multiple brands so it’s likely that you are confused about which one to buy. And at the same time to make this confusion clear I’m standing right here to tell you about the top 5 best 4k smart TVs under 30000.

Top 4 Best 4K Smart TVs Under 30000

Hence today, we’ve kept some criteria for this tutorial. Details like Size min 43’’, 4K TV, smart Android TV 9 and above, min 20W speakers, 2GB RAM & 8GB Storage. Apart from this, there are many more to be learned. Without making any delay, let’s focus upon learning the top 5 best 4k Smart TVs under 30000.

Best 4k Smart TVs Under 30000

Well, now it’s time to learn about the best 4k Smart TVs under 30000. The products provided below cost affordable, and the specifications like display size, brand, and others all were clearly mentioned below. Make sure you purchase the best one after reviewing every single product shared below in detail. Are you ready to learn? If your answer is yes, let’s go!!

1. Mi TV 4K

This is a great option especially with the PatchWall interface and it also gets regular updates too. It has a 43” 4K HDR screen & the panel is also good. It’s priced around 28,999 Rs but you can get it for 25-26K including offers. So overall looking at everything it is at no 5 on our list. While when you see about its sound quality, gives you 20 Watts as output and Dolby Audio + DTS-HD respectively. There is a 1-year warranty on the TV and 2 years for the panel.

Features like built-in Wifi connectivity, Patchwall, Netflix were also available. Other than this, there are many more features too. Like Disney+Hotstar, Prime Video, and many more can be accessed through this amazing Smart 4k TV. In simple words, the user can enjoy accessing the latest trending content through all the applications via a single screen. Designed completely in a unique way and easy viewing. Google assistant is also seen and accessed if required. Overall, this is one best 4K Smart TVs under 30000.



TCL & iFFALCON both have a 4K 43’’ TV & they’re priced below 30K. It has 2 good things – First is audio, it is 24W audio speakers (generally we see 20W speaker in this price range). It has 2GB with 16GB storage ( Mi TV 4X has 8GB storage). And because it has 24W speakers & more storage it ranks at no. 4 in our list. The refresh rate is 60 Hertz. While coming to its connectivity comprised of 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port to connect a hard drive, and other USBs were available.

best tv under 30000 in india 2021


Features like Google Assistant, AI-IN, 4K android TV+HDR 10, T-Cast, Bluetooth, and many more features were available. A display like A+Grade panel, UHD, HDR 10 full screen along with the slim design is offered. Also, one more good thing about this amazing 4K smart tv is 1-year warranty is given by TCL starting from the date of purchase. Hence, it is clear that considering all these points states this product is one among the best 4K Smart TVs under 30000.


3. Vu Premium TV 

It looks quite good and the display panel is also great. It has a 43’’ 4K HDR 10 screen, 2GB RAM/16GB Storage, 24W speakers & is priced around 30,999 Rs (you can get it under 30K including offers). And looking at everything, the Vu Premium TV definitely ranks at no. 3 in our list. While coming towards its connectivity, has comprised of 2 USB ports, Blue Ray players, gaming consoles and many more were available.

Smart TV features like the official Android Pie 9.0 version is available. Other features like Google Play Store, Google Eco-system related to movies, TV, Music, games were provided. Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth, is also offered. The display it has is around an A+ grade LED panel, high brightness panel, MPEG Noise Reduction, PC, and game mode, many more were available. Anyhow costs are affordable and considered as best 4K Smart TVs under 30000.


4. Mi 108 Cm (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV 4X 

You get 2-3 extra things on this TV. Why it ranks at no. 1 is because it has 24W speakers, a 4K screen, and supports Dolby Vision. If you look at the panel, the colors & display quality is really good. I was using this TV for some days and I was impressed with the display quality. And it’s priced at 27,999 Rs. For the price, you get 2GB RAM/16GB storage, Android 10. Great LED Panel. While coming towards the connectivity, it is comprised of ports were 3 HDMI ports, blue-ray speakers/ gaming consoles, and many more were available.

best 4k android tv under 30000 2022

The sound quality it has is around 20 watts output, Dolby Audio + DTS HD were provided. Features like Google assistant, patch wall, and many more were provided. While getting back towards a big feature here is – Far-Field Microphone, it means you can talk & give commands to the TV hands-free without touching the remote. So overall looking at everything and especially the price then this Realme Smart TV 4K is definitely the most value for money 4K TV under 30K budget. As it packs so many interesting things it ranks at no. 1 on our list.


5. Sony Bravia 80 Cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

We all know Sony is considered as one of the top and well-known brands. They are also now offering the best 4K Smart TVs under 30000 in the current market. Connectivity options like Wifi, USB, and HDMI ports were provided. The quality is going to be awesome. The display size makes the user view the screen comfortably. The sound quality says 20 Watts output, TV Music Box, Open baffle speaker and many more were offered with it.

Features like Prime video, screen mirroring, HDR gaming, Netflix, and many more going to be accessible through this amazing Smart TV. One more interesting point is the company is offering 2 years warranty. Say 1 year on comprehensive and 1 year additional again on Panel. Costs are affordable and the refresh rate it has is lying around 50 hertz. Overall, by considering all these points, we can say this as best 4k smart TVs under 30000.


While there are various Smart 4k TVs available in the market affiliated to distinct prices, there are top pics that help you to make decisions faster in purchasing the best 4k Smart TVs under 30000. Hence among all these 5 again, Realme Smart TV 4K is suggestable or recommendable. Anyhow for more details, stay connected with Techrulz anytime.

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