Download Alight Motion Pro Apk Without Watermark + Preset

Download Alight Motion Pro APK: Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, making animated videos can be done only with an Android smartphone. There are various applications available, one of which is the Alight Motion Pro application.

Alight Motion Pro application is the premium or professional or paid version of the Alight Motion application. This application is perfect for those of you who like to make animated videos without the hassle of using a laptop or computer.

alight motion pro apk

This application is available in 2 versions, namely the free and pro version. Check out the following review to find out the features available in the Alight Motion Pro APK version and how to download it.

Alight Motion Pro Apk Review

Alight motion is one of the many video editing applications available on the Google Play Store that can be used to make motion designing easy, practical, and fast. This application can be run via an Android smartphone or tablet.

This application will make it easier for you to make video edits such as adjusting colors and adding other items such as audio, images, text, and others. The results of the video edited using this application can also be exported into MP4 or GIF format.

As previously explained, this application consists of 2 versions, namely pro and free. To be able to enjoy complete features, then you have to use the pro version which is quite expensive.

However, now you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to use the pro version of the application, because some developers have made modifications. That way, you can use the pro version of the Alight Motion application and its complete features for free.

Features Of The Alight Motion Pro APK

As one of the recommended animation video editing applications, the pro version of Alight Motion has several excellent features that will help maximize the results of video edits you make. The following are some of the features that are the advantages of the Alight Motion Pro APK version.

1. Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is one of the features that you can enjoy from the pro version of the Alight Motion application. Keyframes are frames or points used to mark drastic changes in an image.

The function of this feature is that when you move the image, the changes in the movement can be described in the keyframe. The displayed image object can also be adjusted by using the keyframe in the timeline.

To be able to use this excellent feature, you can study and understand the theory first. You can ask people who have experience using this application directly or you can also watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

2. Complete Tutorial

For those of you who are beginners and are using this application for the first time, you don’t need to be confused about how to use the various features available in the Alight Motion pro apk because a complete video tutorial is available.

This tutorial feature will appear automatically when you finish installing it on your smartphone. This feature can also be accessed repeatedly through the available menu whenever you need it.

3. Varied Choice Of Effects

Editing an animated video will feel incomplete if it is not given a touch of effect, right? There are a variety of interesting effects available in the Alight Motion Pro apk. Although the free version of the application also has effects available, the number is very limited and less varied.

The effects of the pro version of Alight Motion are divided into several categories, including blur, color, light, image, and text effects. Along with its development, the effects provided by this application will also continue to grow and get better.

4. Cool Complementary Features

In addition to providing various kinds of effects, the pro version of the Alight Motion application also provides various additional features such as visual effects, vector blending, vector graphics, and color adjustments. You can use all of these features to produce nice and interesting animated videos.

5. Complete Font Choice

In animation video editing, the text is also an important element. This text is useful for providing more detailed descriptions and explanations of a video such as for displaying titles, player names, and other descriptions.

When you use the free version of the application, the available font choices will be very limited. On the other hand, if you use the pro version of Alight Motion, you can freely choose various kinds of fonts that are varied and unlocked (ready to use).

Not only that, but you can also import your favorite font types from the storage memory on your smartphone. The way to import fonts is also very easy because you only need to press the + button, then select the font file to import.

6. Can Export Files In Various Formats

Another excellent feature that you can enjoy from the Alight Motion pro application is export files. This feature is already owned by many other video editing applications, but what distinguishes it is the choice of file formats provided by the pro version of Alight Motion is more than others.

Several file format options are available in this pro version of the application, namely PNG for images. GIF for motion animation without sound, and MP4 for animation or video complete with sound. The quality of the resulting video can also be adjusted as desired starting from low to high resolution.

Download Alight Motion Pro APK Version Without Watermark + Preset

After knowing and understanding what the Alight Motion pro apk version is and its superior features, here are the specifications and links to download it.

App Name Alight Motion (Pro Version)
Version 3.6.1
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
File Size Varies with device
Android Application Minimum Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Download Alight Motion Pro APK 

How To Install And Use Alight Motion Pro Apk

After downloading the pro version of the Alight Motion pro apk via the link above, you must also install it so that this application can be used. Here’s how to install as well as how to use the Alight Motion pro apk.

  • The first step you have to do to install this application is to first open the file manager application that you usually use.
  • After that, open the folder where you saved the downloaded application file, then click the application file.
  • Click the Install button and if there is a request for permission to install third-party applications, you can select the Allow option.
  • Wait a few moments until the application is successfully installed, then click the Done option.
  • Click the Alight Motion app icon to open it.
  • If the application is already open, you can click the + button to create a new project file.
  • Set project details such as frame rate, background type, aspect ratio, and video resolution.
  • Click the Create Project option.
  • To add a background or shape to a video, you can press the + button in the lower right corner, then select the Image & Video option and select the desired image.


From the explanation above, you don’t need to be confused anymore to make cool and interesting animated videos, right? With the presence of the Alight Motion Pro apk that can be installed on this smartphone, it makes it easier for you to create and edit animated videos quickly and practically. We hope this article was helpful. Visit the TechRulz site for more informative guides.

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