How to Build a Casino Career



How to Build a Casino Career

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The casino industry is one of the biggest businesses in the entertainment arena without a shadow of a doubt. Generating billions of dollars in revenue annually, gaming has established itself as a form of entertainment for millions of individuals across the globe. Within any given moment in time, there are hundreds or even thousands of people taking a spin at the reels, gambling on a roulette table, or enjoying a blackjack game. These statistics are according to the review of Slotty Vegas online casino, which is one of the most renowned sites worldwide. 

How to Build a Casino Career

Types of Careers in the Casino Business:

With such a huge revenue under its belt, it comes as no wonder that numerous people would want to take up careers in the business. The casino industry is very wide. Hence it accommodates a wide range of employees to ensure things run seamlessly. Below is a look at some of the careers entailed in the gaming business and the requirements that come with each:

1)Game coder :

With the introduction of technical age, nearly all casino games have operated with the use of programs. This especially applies in the case of online casinos. These programs use codes to generate various numbers and algorism that help players run the game. Even though various games may appear different in appearance, the programs that power them run on three basic principles:
  • Dynamics: this aspect concentrates on the components that are featured in the game. In the case of slots, these components include free spins, wilds, scatters, mini-games, and other bonus features. 
  • Mechanics: this aspect deals with the numeric part of the game. They are used in the determination of the number distribution and various probabilities. The most common feature designed in this aspect is the Return To Player rate (RTP). It also determines the probability of a player hitting a win and how many times they can do so. 
  • Aesthetics: this is the most enjoyed part of the game, and what will appeal to players in most cases. This aspect deals with the graphics, themes, and tunes used in the development of a game.
The role of a coder in a casino will to implement the above aspects in the creation of games and test them. Coders are a crucial part of the casino business seeing as to the fact that applications are now used to run nearly all games.

Most casinos will require one to have achieved the necessary schooling in coding. Even though coding is something that can be self-taught, a degree such as IT and software design can lead to the improvement of such skills. The coder has to also consider the requirements of the player to create games that appeal to the target market.

Experienced coders may receive upward of an eighty-three thousand dollar salary. However, beginners can expect no higher than thirty thousand dollars in most cases.

2. Customer support agent:

The quality of a customer care support team is a crucial, decisive factor for most gamers when looking for a casino to indulge in. This is because they are the people to turn to when one runs into issues with the casinos. Many casinos provide contacts through email, phone, fax, and live chat options. The job of a customer care agent is to ensure players are happy when gambling at the casinos regardless of whether they are losing or winning.

This career is mostly found in online casinos. However, some land-based casinos have been known to have an online customer care team, especially if they offer accommodation services. The casino host plays the role of a customer support agent in brick and mortar casinos.

Many a time, a high school diploma is all that is required to embark on this career. Since all that is done is answering emails, phone calls, and other frequently asked questions, not much training is required. Many a time, casinos have been known to recruit and train them on the job. The average pay in this job is thirty-one thousand dollars per year. The prospects of rising the ranks are quite rare, and the position is often used as a gateway to other careers in the casino industry.

3. Live dealer:

Live dealer games were introduced in casinos to satisfy clients who wanted to enjoy an actual game from the comfort of their homes. Before their introduction, the random number generator was used to spin the roulette wheel, roll the dice, and serve cards in games like blackjack. However, most players did not find them as appealing as the actual dealers used in land-based casinos. The live dealer operates just like they would in a brick and mortar casino, but on webcam. They are used to play various table games including;
  • Roulette 
  • Blackjack 
  • Keno 
  • Dice 
  • Cards 
Most casinos require a diploma from a dealer school before hiring. Even so, further training will be conducted once a dealer joins a casino. This is because each site has a unique way of dealing cards. The downside of being a dealer in a live casino is the impossibility of receiving tips from players like one would in an actual casino. However, some sites have incorporated this option on their webpage. 

In Brief:

The casino business has established itself as a crucial pillar of the entertainment industry. Before looking to join a career in the industry, one should look into their set of skills and capabilities to find the right area they can work in.


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