Sticker Market App: Access Thousands of Emojis & GIFs with Personalization Options



Sticker Market App: Access Thousands of Emojis & GIFs with Personalization Options

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Almost all messaging apps have recently received a flurry of updates to add new emojis. Yet the variety and numbers available are not enough to keep up with the everyday messaging needs of billions of users. When you end up using the same emojis every now and then, things are no longer as interesting.
 Sticker Market is an app that provides you access to thousands of emojis, GIFs, templates and stickers that make text messaging much more fascinating and engaging. This review introduces you to the key features and benefits of using this unique app on your phone or tablet.

Sticker Market is an app that offers free and paid stickers, emojis, GIFs, and templates. The emojis are available in different categories and can be searched for and added to your keyboard. Keyword search is possible, thus allowing you to find the required stickers. The paid stickers cost from anything starting from $0.99 to $2.99.


Sticker Market can be used with all the text-based messaging apps. This makes it a highly versatile keyboard app for both Android and iOS platforms. The commonly used messaging apps where you can use it include:
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Snapchat
  • Hangouts
It works seamlessly with all the leading messaging apps without any interruptions or compatibility issues. You can also use it with iMessage apps. All this means that there is no need to look for an additional app that is compatible with iMessage.

Sticker Market’s versatility can further be determined from the point that it also has a Chrome extension. Thus, you will be able to access emojis and stickers even with your web experience.

Create Custom Emojis & Stickers:

Creativity and communication go hand in hand. You can make your messages more effective and even striking if you could personalize your emojis and stickers. That is what this app lets you do. There is an in-app editor that lets you use your camera to capture a face and insert into emojis or stickers.

This feature has been called Face Emojis. Choose from thousands of stickers and existing emojis and insert anyone’s face to create something unique. It needs just a few taps to create and send personalized emojis. Messaging was never so creative.

Thousands of GIFs:

Messaging shouldn’t just be limited to emojis and stickers. GIFs have emerged as the new trend in messaging and social platforms. With the Sticker Market app, you can access not just emojis, but also thousands of GIFs. So you can choose a GIF image that perfectly matches the situation. Whether it’s about bringing a smile to a friend’s face or showing your support or some awkward situation, you can find a GIF that perfectly defines it.

With Sticker Market, messaging has become fun. Now everytime you are texting with someone, you could choose unique emojis or create your own emojis and make the communication more interesting. Send GIFs or create a unique template for your messages on both Android and iOS.

There is no limit to the kind of stickers you can find within this app. And the vast selection keeps getting updated every now and then. This means that every time you use it, you will find something new. So you will always be able to send new and innovative emojis and stickers to your friends.


The Sticker Market app is a feature-rich keypad app. It offers much more than just emojis. You can create custom Face emojis, find thousands of stickers, and then determine the template of your messages. Since it offers free emojis and stickers, you can continue using it for free. There are paid emojis/stickers, and you can pay as you use. You are not required to sign-up for a paid account to use everything. Pay only for what you use.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. You could also install its Chrome extension and use it when communicating through a Website. This will allow you to access all its emojis, stickers and templates within your browser. It is easy to use and requires nothing more than a few taps even to create personalized face emojis. Text-messaging was never as thrilling as with the Sticker Market app.


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