NordVPN Review – The Best VPN to Access the Internet Privately & Securely



NordVPN Review – The Best VPN to Access the Internet Privately & Securely

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For people using the internet, hiding their identity online, preventing websites from tracking them and their location and protecting their online data has become a precautionary step these days. More and More people are making use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure that their real IP Address is hidden while they are surfing the internet. A VPN works on the principle of providing you with a random IP Address on a network via which you can browse the internet. This helps the users in protecting their IP Address from the spying eyes across the internet. One such VPN service which is gaining popularity due to its features is NordVPN.

NordVPN – A Brief Introduction

Rated as a top VPN service in the editor’s choice category by, NordVPN is more than just your regular VPN service provider. The NordVPN provides you with a dual layer IP protection by hiding your original IP Address via a new random IP Address and routing the first address via another address on the same server. Spread across 56 different countries in the world, currently, NordVPN has over 1000 servers spread across the world. It can guide you through any of these servers to protect your real identity. NordVPN is available to use on Mac, Windows and Linux devices as well as has Android and iOS compatible apps to protect your mobile surfing as well. The military-grade encryption of NordVPN helps to protect you from hacking.

What Makes NordVPN the Best in Business?

NordVPN provide its users with some of the best features that you may not be able to find in different VPN service providers available in the market. These features include:

Better Security Options

NordVPN takes extreme care of the security and privacy of all its users with utmost importance. Besides providing a secure communication medium to the internet via one of their 1000-strong networks spread across the globe, NordVPN also helps to provide with a number of privacy solutions. These include Double Data encryption which ensures that it would be very difficult to intercept your communication, Cyber Security and more. The Automatic Kill Switch also ensures that all the software that track you are shut down immediately if the VPN connection breaks down during your web surfing.

Privacy Protection

Keeping your identity safe and ensuring that users surf the net anonymously is a key feature for any good VPN service provider. This is where the very strict ‘No Logs Policy’ of NordVPN is very useful to the users. This VPN service was built on the fact that they do not track any of their user’s online movements. Additionally, they ensure that the traffic on your network is routed via a remote server which ensures your anonymity over the internet. 

Unlimited Access to Geo-Restricted Content

One of the biggest uses of VPN is to ensure that Geo-Restricted content is made available to everyone despite it being unavailable in some places. Most people use VPN to watch sporting events or media interactions, banned websites or social media networks. NordVPN allows you with unlimited and unrestricted access to more than 1000 of inaccessible streaming websites in a particular geographical location.

Smooth Connectivity

The only problem VPN users have usually complained about is the slow surfing speed due to a number of encryption algorithms and re-routing traffic techniques put into place by the VPNs. However, NordVPN ensures that they are able to offer faster speed across their servers in comparison to most other VPN service providers available. Despite providing higher speeds, there is no compromise on the user’s privacy with a very secure P2P connection allowing you safe file sharing.

Additional Benefits

NordVPN allows you to connect upto 6 different devices to a single account. In addition to the web browser plugins, NordVPN also provides iOS and Android compatible apps which ensure that you are well protected while browsing from your devices also. Their customer service is also available 24*7 to provide you with assistance whenever and wherever you want.

How to setup NordVPN Client?

NordVPN makes it really simple for the users to access its VPN client on different platforms. The video tutorials, knowledgebase, and FAQs make it easy for you to learn the installation process. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can easily install the NordVPN client on your PC/laptop. Follow the below-mentioned guide to install it on your system.
  • Download the NordVPN’s client from its official website and install it on your PC. The installation process might take few minutes. Wait patiently and allow the installation to complete properly. 
  • Run the software after the installation has been finished. 
  • If you haven’t created an account click on ‘Create New Account’ else you can enter your login details and move to the interface of the software. 
  • At the top-center position, you will see ‘You are not connected’ text. Try to connect to any location of your choice.  
  • You can choose the country to which you want to connect by directly clicking on the map.
  • If you wish to connect to a specific server type of server located in any other country, you can move to the ‘Servers’ option.  
  • Once you are connected, be ready to browse through the web privately.


NordVPN is available for a price of 5.75$ per month in 3 different plans. You can either choose from a monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscription plans to have an unrestricted, secure web surfing options. Each plan includes all the above mentioned special features including all available mobile apps and software with 24*7 customer support. 

The Verdict

The need of protecting your privacy online is very important as it can prevent preying eyes across the internet from getting an access to your online data. VPNs ensure that no website is able to track your online activities. NordVPN is among the best VPN available today across the internet due to a number of security features and its dual layer IP Protection ensures that your privacy and anonymity is always maintained across the internet.


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