Is the Deep Web illegal?? Know More in Detail about Deep Web.



Is the Deep Web illegal?? Know More in Detail about Deep Web.

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The internet is vast and you would be surprised to know that we merely have access to only 4% of the complete web. The majority of our web i.e. 96% of it consists of the deep web that is beyond the access of normal people. Even the famous search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo are not able to detect the data found on the deep web. Out of all this, one of the major concerns which keep arising in the mind of surfers is - is the deep web illegal? Even though deep web houses various illegal activities within itself, people still believe it to be legal. For users to ensure that they do not get into illegal activities while surfing the deep web, they are recommended to perform the browsing intelligently and also keep in mind some of the safety tips which has been discussed in details below.
Is the Deep Web illegal??

About Deep Web:

The deep web stores large database within itself which is over the size of 15 petabytes. It maintains great data for scholars, researchers, and students. However, it is not possible for individuals to find the same using usual search engines. While it is still susceptible that is it illegal to access the deep web or not, the users are recommended to follow certain safety standards to stay safe and secure. Following the right safety measures can help users browse safely without falling into the trap of fraudulent people.

Is the Deep Web Illegal?

The biggest question i.e. is it illegal to access the deep web can be answered easily. The answer to it is that not everything available on the deep web is illegal. There are deep web sites and communities built on the web those wish to remain anonymous, but this does not mean that they are illegal. There are various social networking sites on the deep web similar to Facebook and Twitter, but there are chances that it contains some content which is illegal and cannot be discussed in public in open.

Legality of web is decided on the basis of the country:

The answer to “is the deep web illegal” or not largely depends on the country from where you are accessing the web. In countries like the US, there are only a few restrictions on users on the websites they can access, but such is not the case when you are living in the country like North Korea. The country has an intrusive government, generally, don’t allow the users to access the sites on the deep web.

How can you surf Deep Web safely?

Well by now you might have understood that surfing the deep web is not completely illegal, it only requires the user to stay vigilant and access sites that are safe and harmless. To enable individuals surf deep web safely we have brought forth certain tips to follow;
  • Begin with the Tor: As discussed above, the deep web can only be accessed using special browsers. Thus users willing to have access to the deep web must download Tor. It is available for free and has predesigned configurations which keep the identity of an individual concealed. Hence, with this browser, one can stay away from any form of malicious threat at the time of browsing. Moreover, the Tor network also prevents the users from getting tracked on the internet. Hence, you can watch anonymous videos or surf websites without being scared of getting revealed.
  • Make use of directories to browse safely: Tor browser is not going to provide you with links to surf on the deep web. Instead, you will have to look for it and then begin with surfing. One of the best ways in which deep web can be accessed is by using Hidden Wiki directory. The users should take sufficient time to understand a particular website and then take the final decision of visiting it. The concrete research should also be done to ensure that no disturbing content is displayed on the web which might harm the user.
  • Don’t become part of criminal activity: While deep web consists of the majority of the portion of the internet, it is also the home of various notorious activities. There are websites present on the deep web which are completely illegal and are operating to facilitate human trafficking, child pornography etc. Hence, while checking out the web, one must ensure not to become a part of any kind of illegal activity. One should take sufficient steps to stay safe, as there are chances that blackmailers present on the web might trap and blackmail you.
  • Stay away from suspicious links: As deep web is the home of various illegal activities, it is advisable to stay away from suspicious links as much as possible. Not every link can be trusted. Hence, the best effort should be made to remain away from it. You can even go through different guides those educate you on “is the deep web illegal or not” and provide you with surfing tips to explore deep web wisely.
  • Use specific deep web search engines: To ensure that you are not exposed to security threats while accessing the deep web, it is best to make use of specially designed search engines for deep websites. These search engines are different from other regular engines and are capable of providing answers of users query. The search results of these search engines are fetched from database that is invisible to traditional search engines.
  • Never use a credit card for making payments on the deep web: Use of credit card is the least recommended thing and should never be opted for making payments on purchases made on the deep web. The use of deep web exposes you to quite a number of risks, wherein there are chances that your card information gets leaked to the people looking for it. This one restriction answers the query about “is the deep web illegal” or not. The users are highly recommended to stay vigilant on the deep web and access the sites that are trustworthy. In order to avoid the data loss, it is advisable to make use of Bitcoins or access sites that make use of Escrow services. These services can be relied upon for making safe payments across the web. If you don’t have bitcoin, then I will suggest you check out Best Place to Buy Bitcoins Online

Over to You:

From the above-mentioned facts, it has been very well clarified that the answer to “is it illegal to access the deep web or not” entirely depends on the extent and way users access the web. If they ensure to access the deep web wisely, they can continue browsing across it without getting affected. However, for such users to ensure that their data and identity remains safe and protected, they must ensure to follow all the safety tips discussed above.


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