How to be Anonymous while Browsing the Internet.



How to be Anonymous while Browsing the Internet.

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Be Anonymous when surfing the net: If you want to be anonymous, then you are trying to avoid the possibility of linking your activity on the Internet with your physical location and/or your real name. Ordinary users do not have the ability to track you (technically, we do not consider here social methods when your nickname on the forum is easy to Google and get to your account in social networks with all the personal data).

Your ISP/neighbors may be able to listen to most of your traffic, but as a rule, they are not interested in it (yes, neighbors can steal your passwords, but they will not track your activity).
As for the owners of the resources you use (websites, proxy / VPN servers, etc.), then they have a lot of tools to track you (DNS leaks, Flash / Java plug-ins, banner networks, browser fingerprints, many different kinds of cookies, etc.) plus a serious commercial interest in keeping track of you actions (for advertising targeting, sales, etc.).
Well, the government and special services can get access to the data that you collect, and to the data collected by providers. Thus, it turns out that those who have the opportunity and desire to track you, have access to most possible channels of leakage. So by using the vpn's we can be anonymous and we can browse what we need without any limitations. Let's move below for more info about browsing as an anonymous.

How to stay anonymous when online?

To hide your IP from the sites you visit, to hide your traffic from your provider and for anonymous browsing, you will need an access to the VPN service (it’s not important whether they are based on OpenVPN or SSH). This should be either a free VPN, or paid through Bitcoin, but in any case, there should be no possibility to link (for example, through a credit card when paying) to you with this service. (And by the way, when paying through bitcoins, you should also be careful.) The OS must be configured so that all traffic goes only through the VPN.
To hide your IP from the owners of the VPN service and their provider, you need to send a VPN connection through Tor.
To ensure that no glitches (or hacking with reconfiguration) inside the virtual machine will not show your real IP address, you need to configure the firewall on the host system so that the whole (ie not only TCP but really all!) traffic of the virtual machine could only pass to Tor and nowhere else.
You should not enter anything inside this virtual machine that can be associated with your real identity - name, credit card numbers, login into "your" accounts on any sites, fill (at least without clearing the EXIF metadata) to the photo sites made with your main camera/phone, etc. Create separate accounts on all necessary sites, create separate mail / IM-accounts (and do not correspond between your real and these accounts). Buy only virtual goods (which do not need to be delivered to your physical address) and only for bitcoins.


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