How to Change language in Appvn



How to Change language in Appvn

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Appvn is an app store just like other app stores available in the market such as Google play store, Amazon apps etc. This appvn will allow you to download any app which is available in the other app store. Another important aspect is that you can get paid apps for free when you download this app. We all know that Google play store and other app stores will impose money on some apps to be downloaded on your mobile. If you want a premium version or you want to add additional features to your app, then you have to pay very big amount of money. But, if you install this app called appvn in your device you can get all those paid apps and premium versions of the apps for free.
So, friends, I think you are so excited to get this app in your smartphone instantly. So search for this app’s apk file from any website and download appvn and start downloading your favourite apps. This appvn app store not only contains paid and premium apps but also all the apps which you’ll see in any app stores. So if you download this app it will serve you as an alternative app to the Google play store on your android device. Below I will give you description about what is appvn and what are its features and most importantly how to change the language of the appvn app to English.

Features of appvn

Appvn is a play store like app in which you can download all the paid and premium versions of apps for free. This is done by skipping the payment session while you purchase any app. This apps software manipulates the company’s server so that the server thinks that the payment is already done, but I reality we will not pay any. So, now I will tell you about what are the important features that this app contained in it.

  • You can Download Premium version apps for free on your android Smartphone.
  • You can also download music, HD wallpapers, games, e-books and lots more for free.
  • Easy to download interface.
  • One-touch download and installation just like other play stores.
  • New search feature, you can search for any app you want and download.
  • No need of login or sign in details to use this app.
  • Personal information is not necessary.

How to Change Appvn app's language to English

So let’s get into our main topic, the topic is how to change the language settings within the app to English. We all know that appvn app store is a china app. This means this app is founded and developed in china. So obviously, this app will be in their regional language i.e., in Chinese. But we can change the settings of the app to English. So today I will let you know the step-by-step process of how to change the language to English for the appvn app.

This appvn app is getting more and more popular and so many people are downloading the apk file of this app and installing it on their devices through third party sources. But once you install the app, you will get confused and disappointed because it was in the Chinese language. We didn’t know Chinese, but still, want to use this app for a free download of apps. That’s why I’m here with the solution for your problem.

Following are the steps to change the language for the appvn app and enjoy downloading all your favourite android applications.

Steps to change language for appvn app

  • First Download and Install appvn apk for your android ( if you already did with Installation ignore this step).
  • Open the app and see what language it is. (obviously, it will be in Chinese).
  • Now click on the top left button. Now the sidebar with the menu will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the 7th tab(cài đặt)(gear icon) to open settings Menu.
  • Then in Settings just click on the third Tab (Cài đặt ngôn ngữ) for language settings.
  • Simply select “English” in the popup menu.
  • That’s all now your app will be displayed in English.
This is the process to change the language for the appvn app. This will definitely help you. Once you have changed your settings then you can enjoy your free unlimited downloads without spending a single penny.


I am so glad that you are enjoying this appvn app in your android without any errors or language confusion now. I hope that this above process I’ve mentioned helped you to get the solution for the problem, How to change language for appvn app? Hope you got the solution and satisfied with it. Then please share your views regarding this in the comment section below. Enjoy this appvn app by downloading highly featured premium apps for free.


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