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Showbox was once a leading app when it came to watching movies on mobile devices and tablets. But from last couple of years, many problems were reported with respect to its server. Also, many glitches came up in its video playback. The problem was attributed to large number of users using the app leading to the malfunctioning of showbox’s servers. Here, we are listing top 5 alternatives to the Showbox app so that your entertainment goes on unhindered!
Showbox built up a huge user base owing to its sleek interface and access to lakhs of movie and T.V. titles. Plus, the functioning was very smooth in the initial days of its inception. And since it was completely free, it quickly made its way to the mobiles and tablets of millions of users. Now since it is experiencing some issues lately, we came up with a list of top 5 showbox alternatives that can live up to your expectations and are even better than Showbox in some fields.

Here they are-

An amazingly captivating and well placed interface put together in the form of graphical tiles makes it score high on design. The app has an extensive list of movie titles as well as T.V. shows. Previously available for ios only, it can now be downloaded on android devices too! It works on ios 6 or later and android 4 and later. You can watch your favorite T.V. shows and movies in various formats ranging from standard to ultra high definition. It Is FREE!


CRACKLE is absolutely FREE and doesn’t even require any subscription. It also has a large library of popular T.V. shows and movies as well. However, this app comes with a lot of commercials and advertisements. Plus the content on it is in standard definition. But the app pretty much makes up for them with its immensely great list of movie titles, T.V. shows and a very intuitive and elegant interface. You can download it from the Android play store.

TERRARIUM is slowly making inroads into the world of movie viewing through an app. With a global list of movies and T.V. shows offered in HD and ULTRA HD, it is surely one of the best apps in our list of top 5 Showbox alternatives. TERRARIUM TV APP has an integrated support for GOOGLE CHROMECAST which will let you mirror your mobile screens onto your T.V. It has integrated multi language subtitles for many of its offerings in the app that makes it worthwhile for a global audience.


The app has latest movies, T.V. shows, to cartoons and animations in almost every genre possible to cater to every type of taste. All the content is available in high definition and is totally FREE. No subscription is required and you can also stream your movies in the app to your smart T.V. and use Google Chromecast! Kids mode allows you to filter out offensive and adult content from your children. It also enables you to download and watch the movies offline along with subtitles! It pretty much makes up for Showbox in all the possible parameters of scrutinization and hence is at 4th place in our list of top 5 alternatives for showbox.

It comes across as a Xerox of Showbox. The content is available it all types of video qualities (360p to 1080p). The interface is bright, extravagant and well designed. It was the best alternative in this list but from the last few months, a bit of technical glitches were reported by some users. The makers are rectifying it and son it will be bug free! Similar to Showbox, it also supports GOOGLE CHROMECAST.

This was all about the best Showbox alternatives available in the app world. Give them a try and we are confident that they will live up to the mark scaled by Showbox.Happy viewing guys!


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