4 Data Recovery Measures to Take In Case Of Accidental Data Deletion



4 Data Recovery Measures to Take In Case Of Accidental Data Deletion

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Accidental file/data deletion is common occurrence among individuals who own laptops, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. You send an important file to the land of the erased while chit-chatting over coffee, only to realize what you’ve done when you reach home. In such a situation, people complain, sulk, or throw their device out of the window, but with awareness about data recovery, you can have a satisfactory outcome.
In most instances,  you can recover deleted data/files and bring them back to life. You don’t need to have advanced computing skills, either. By taking the following measures, you can have the last laugh over the delete button.

1. Use Software:
There are file and data recovery software solutions for most operating systems out there. For example, Windows users can use options like Pandora Recovery to bring back deleted data from the dead. This tool enables users to restore deleted files by browsing the system for data that is capable of recovery. The search is based on file sizes, file names, creation dates, and last access dates. Similarly, Mac users can utilize Data Rescue II and other similar software to restore deleted files.

2. Call in the Professionals:
People may not be aware that they have the option to contact Secure Data Recovery and similar companies operating around the world in case of accidental data deletion. When you get in touch with such companies, you’ll be surprised to know that they excel in data tape recovery, hard drive recovery, USB flash data recovery, laptop data recovery, and other advanced recovery solutions. Their technicians work in specialized laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art recovery technologies that allow them to restore most lost data while protecting your privacy through a range of access controls.

3. Recover Files from Backups & Bin:
If you occasionally created a backup of your hard disk, all you need to do is use a backup program to get back the files you deleted by accident. This is the easiest way to recover lost data. However, if you didn’t create backups before, it’s time to develop the habit of doing so. You can use cloud services as well as backup your data to an external hard drive to create multiple copies, so that if you delete something by accident, there’s always a copy or two for you to go to and recover the files. Also, check your Recycle Bin, because the data stays in the Recycle Bin for a month or so. There’s a chance of your files being there if you didn’t empty the Bin recently.

4. Restore Previous Versions Where Possible:
It is sometimes possible to restore the previous versions of files, just like you can restore a recently saved version of text in Microsoft Word. For instance, in some versions of Windows OS, users can restore the previous version of folders, which may bring back the files they accidentally deleted from that folder. Check all sources that allow you to restore previous versions of files and folders. While most of such options work if you created an initial backup, there’s no harm in trying.
The blunder of accidental file/data deletion can make your life scarier than your nightmare, but these tips will ensure you’re able to bring files back from the dead and get sound sleep at night. 


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