Get Free Internet On Android Using Feat Open VPN.



Get Free Internet On Android Using Feat Open VPN.

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 How to Get Free Internet on Android Phones without wifi?

Now a days every one in this world using internet on their laptops or desktops and some are using in their phones.Many of the Smart phone users are unable to spend a lot of money on cellular data plans. Some people use some proxies to get free internet, it works but you cannot open some sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook....etc.
So to Overcome all the problems, we came with an app called "FEAT VPN". Feat vpn is an application from where we can get free internet for Smart phones.

 Features of Android Feat VPN:

  • It supports both Named and Open Vpn config files.
  • It compatible for all Android versions.
  • It is available for free of cost, No need to buy.
  • Rooting of the device is also not required.
  • Beta version is Available for Higher Versions (4.0+)
  • It is very easy to understand and easy to use.
 There are many more Advantages by using Android Feat Vpn App. This would be the great way to get free internet for the Android Users.

Steps to Use Open VPN On Android Phones:

First you need to Download the Free Feat VPN For the Below links 

For Fast Download :Click Here
Step 1) Install the Downloaded Vpn in your Android mobile.
Step2) Tap on Tunnel.
Step 3) There will be an option called ADD. Click on it.
How -To-Get-Free-Internet-On-Android-Phone-and-Tablet
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Step 4) After clicking Add button. Click on LOAD button.
Step 5) Now you can see some config files of your sdcard. Select one .zip file that you created or which you have.

Step 6) After that Feat Vpn will have Some requirements like pass.txt and etc. 

Step 7) After the completion of the requirements of Feat Vpn you will successfully connected to the internet.
That's it this is the simple way where you can get a free internet to your mobile.  
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If you face any problem with the config files, then UDP or TCP opened in your area then you will automatically connected to the internet.
You are Done with your free internet. If you like this article share with your friends in social networks.


  1. It doesnt work after i had connected with wifi and turned on mobile data it is just connecting all the time connecting....
    so maybe the app doesnt work or there is something with the config files to do. I dont know but i hope you can help me.

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  3. what shud i write in login and password amd where can i sign up

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