How to Get Back Deleted Whatsapp Messages for Android and Ios



How to Get Back Deleted Whatsapp Messages for Android and Ios

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How To Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages - Guide:

We all know the great app which is leading the world is WHATSAPP . Every user who has a smart phone will have a whatsapp installed in it because it is having a free trail of 1 year and every image can be optimized when you send to your friend in chat box. The messages delivers very fast with low signal also. There are so many advantages in using whatsapp. many people love to use it .Iphone user can also follow the same process to restore  the Data .
Retrieve deleted whatsapp messages

Some people accidently or unfortunately delete important messages on whatsapp and they don't know what to do next?and How to Recover the messages back to whatsapp? If you use a touch mobile some times automatically it gets clicked on some button when you taking the phone from pocket then some files may get deleted.
You may don't know how to get back the important messages you deleted. Here are some ways to Retrieve  Deleted Whatsapp Messages. In this article i will share 3 methods to bring back the deleted important messages to your whatsapp account.
2)Web Application
 First 2 methods are used to restore the older message and the Last method is used to restore the Recent message, it restore up to  7 days back messages.
Restoring of older message are some what difficult but flow the below steps it will be easy to do.

Regain Deleted Whatsapp Messages- Manually:

only few people knows that whatsapp backup's data every day at 4am(which is a system time) then the data is stored in memory cards of android smart phone . Follow the below step i will guide you to regain the deleted messages 
Step 1) Make sure you have file manager in your smart phone. First go to whatsapp database folder...The path is >sdcard/Whatsapp/Databases
Regain Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Step 2) In this Database you will see some chat files which are named similarly as msgstore-2014-08-23.1.db.crypt. (ie. msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt) you may see the same data in the folder but there is a folder which has a name has msgstore.db.crypt, we need to rename it. You should add a word  before or after msgstore.db.crypt.
Step 3) After renaming that file, you just select the file which shows appropriate data before you accidently deleted your whatsapp messages, then rename that file to msgstore.db.crypt.  Then the remaining process can also done by connecting Pc to your android device.
Step 4) Final step go to >Settings/Application/ManageApplication/Whatsapp and click on clear on Clear Data. Now open  whatsapp , choose restore when it prompts as shown in below figure. That's all , the file saved as msgstore.db.crypt is restored and your Deleted Important Messages are also restored.
Get back deleted whatsapp messages

These are the simple steps to restore the old files..
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Get Back Deleted Whatsapp Messages - Using Web App:

The second method  is much faster to restore and it a free service application. Here we are going to use a Web Application called Recover Messages. Which is specially designed to get back the deleted whatsapp messages. This free online app reads the data of the database files and extracts the messages.Which also extracts the Sent and Recieved Data.
Simple vist the site and click on Select SQlite file  the Database file, select the database file from the sd card of your android smart phone. check the box which say  I Accept the Terms of Use and click on Scan.
Bring back deleted whatsapp messages

It Takes some time to restore the messages so wait for some time. This is the simple method where you can restore the deleted messages. After the Scan is complete,  you can read the messages by clicking 'Register Recovers'.
You can only extract and read the older messages but you cannot restore them to your whatsapp chat history. This is one of the disadvantage of the Web App Recover messages.
How To Restore the Deleted Messages of Whatsapp

This is the easy method but only one drawback as i mention above...

Accidentally Deleted Your WhatsApp Chat History? Here’s How To Get It Back using Direct Method:

As i already told that whatsapp backup's data every day at 4am which is store in your sd card. You Re-install the whatsapp , you are prompted to restore your messages histroy. Simply Click on restore then the data less than 7 days is been restored..
That's it you have done..  

So on this article i shared 3 methods How To Get Back The Deleted Whatsapp Messages. I hope this will help you now or in future to Restore the messages.Share with your friends if you like this and Feel free to comment if you have any doubt. we will respond with in few hours.


  1. Hi... I unstalled and installed my watsapp and i didn't get any option like Restore for the first time, after installation im shocked beacuse all my previous chats are gone. Then i changed extension and uninstalled and installed again during this time i got an option like restore and i clicked on it, it showed that i restored data but i didn't get any previous chats. I tried several android resources like androin data recovery and all but those are showing chats from 2 nd installation but not my older. I didnt format my sd card. I damn want those old chats back. Please help me over this issue.
    Thanks & Regards.

  2. Hi

    May I know if I am using Web App to retrieve my message, does it mean I need to connect my phone to the pc first. Thanks