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ALL In One Guide to Download OJEE Admit Card.

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OJEE Admit Card:

Odisha Joint Entrance Exam (OJEE) is a centralized test which is controlled by the state government. It is held for admission to many private and governmental, engineering and management institutions in Odisha. 
  • OJEE Admit card will be released in the month of April 2018.
  • Candidates who have successfully registered for OJEE 2018 will be issued admit cards by Odisha Board. 
  • They can access Admit Card for OJEE 2018 by downloading it from the official website 
  • No student will receive the admit card by post. 
  • OJEE 2018 is scheduled to be held in the month of May 2018. 

How to Download OJEE 2018 Admit Card/ Hall Ticket?

OJEE Admit card can be downloaded from the official OJEE website. If the page does not load, try again after a few minutes. 
  • Admit card has to be downloaded online only. 
  • Admit cards will not be sent by post to any applicant. 
  • Candidates who fail to produce they admit cards at the exam center will not be allowed to take the exam and will be disqualified.
  • Aspirants must carry 2 copies of the admit card, both of which will be duly signed by the invigilator.
Follow the procedure given below to download the OJEE admit card. 
  1. Log on to the official website of OJEE-
  2. Select the link ‘OJEE 2018 Admit Card’
  3. Aspirants will be required to enter their login credentials on the page that opens.
  4. Enter the application number, password and security pin.
  5. Admit card will appear on the computer screen.
  6. Download the admit card and print two copies it and keep it safe till the date of exam and admission.

Details on OJEE 2018 Admit Card/ Hall Ticket:

Admit card is important for the verification of candidates. Details on the Admit card like the visibility of signatures and photographs should be checked by the candidates before downloading it. If there is any rectification which needs to be made, then the candidate must contact OJEE authority immediately.

The admit card will contain following details:
  • Candidate’s Name
  • Father’s name
  • Date and Time of Examination
  • Roll number
  • Registration Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Category
  • PwD Candidate (if applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Candidate’s signature
  • Candidate’s Photograph
  • Name and address of examination center allotted to the student.
  • Medium of Question Paper

Discrepancy in OJEE 2018 Admit Card:

If there is any kind of discrepancy in the details given in OJEE Admit Card, then the candidate must contact the authorized person before April 30, 2018. Complaints can be registered by the aspirants at

Contact details of the head office of OJEE:

Address: Odisha JEE Cell, Gandamunda, Khandagiri, District- Khorda, Bhubaneshwar- 751030

Phone number: 0674-6552455, 0674-6552456, 0674-6552457, 0674-6552458

Documents Required with Admit Card:

Candidates are required to carry 2 copies of OJEE 2018 Admit Card, 1 passport size photograph which was used at the time of registration and an original identity proof. Any one of the following documents can be used as photo identity proof:
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter’s ID
  • College/ University ID
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card

OJEE Exam Centers:

Aspirants can choose the preferable city for OJEE exam from 25 cities across Odisha. Given below is a list of exam centers with center codes from which the candidates can choose. But the final exam center will be system generated and there will not be any change in any case.
Place of Center

Instructions for Exam Day:

Some of the instructions are provided below to follow on the day of the exam:
  • The examination hall will be opened half an hour prior to starting of written examination. 
  • Candidates should take their seats before 15 minutes of the commencement of the exam. 
  • No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall after starting of the examination. 
  • Candidates will not be allowed to leave the exam center before submitting their OMR sheet. 
  • The exam will be conducted in three sittings. 
  • Bring your own black/blue ball point pen to encircle the answers in the OMR sheet. 
  • Books, study materials, mobile phones, calculator and any other electronic devices are prohibited inside the examination hall. 
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Stay Safe & Anonymous Online with Hide All IP

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Do you know the amount of information that your IP address can give away? It is not difficult to find your computer’s IP address. Even someone with basic computer skills can find it out. And when in the hands of hackers, these few digits can prove to be devastating. This is why there is a growing demand for software programs that can hide IP addresses. Hide All IP claims to be the best IP address hiding software. This review explores where it stands on that claim.
Hide All IP is a VPN and has many other features and functions that make it a versatile software. You may have a powerful antivirus program in place, but the kind of security threats that your system faces today – you will need much more to protect your data and system.

But Hide All IP isn't just about online security. It’s also about the freedom of the web. Almost all states and countries have certain websites, games and online services which they are restricted from accessing. Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and many other similar services are restricted in different regions for different reasons. Social media networks are banned in many countries.

Download and use Hide All IP to connect to the Internet and forget about all the restrictions. No one will ever know about your computer’s IP address, your identity or your location.
A Reliable VPN:

Hide All IP will automatically change your IP address the moment you click the ‘connect’ button. Your original IP address will never be revealed when you use the web. It will be a fake IP.

Another advantage of using Hide All IP is that it will change your location. You can connect from another country and bypass all limitations that may exist for your own state or country. You can allow the software to do this on an automatic basis or select the country of your choice.

Hide All IP has servers all over the world, allowing you to connect to a server in any country. Every time you click ‘connect’, it will choose a different server in a different country.

Stay Anonymous:

Hide All IP keeps you anonymous at all times. You can access websites and online applications in total anonymity. Your ISP or government will not be able to find your identity.

One of the most important features of Hide All IP is that it allows you to Torrent safely without ever worrying about someone keeping track of your downloads. Using Torrent services is not the same as it used to be. With this software, you can use these services while keeping your IP address, location, and online activities safely hidden.

Bypass Filters & Access Any Website:

Internet censorship exists even in this age. Something as simple as social media and video sharing services is blocked in many countries. When you use Hide All IP, you will not have to give a second thought about which sites, games and online applications are blocked in your area.

Access Restricted Online Services:

Internet TV is nothing less than a revolutionary service that brings you your favorite channels and shows within a click from you. Many such online services are limited to certain geographical areas or ISPs. Hide All IP to access any online service without any restrictions. Not only can you watch any Internet TV service, you can also play any video games on powerful game engines.

Play All Games:

Hide All IP’s support for TCP and UDP apps and games means that all the top videos games become accessible on your system. Play all online games, no matter what restrictions are laid down by the service provider or your ISP. 

The software will automatically find the best-possible server to play your favorite game. It will get the fake IP servers to find the fastest server for connecting to the game server.

Bypass HTML5 GeoLocation:

Many sites now use a unique system based on HTML5 GeoLocation to find locations of users. WIFI/GPS is used by browsers to keep track of their users. Hide All IP has just the right technologies in place to block out all these location-tracking systems.

With Hide All IP, you can simply block out browsers because all they will be seeing is your fake IP address.


Hide All IP makes your online experience not just safe, but it gives you total freedom when browsing online or using online applications or games. Many states, Countries, and ISPs block different websites and online services. Many of these are entertainment services and there is no logical reason for banning them. With this powerful software, you can access all sites and services without ever giving away your identity.

It’s easy to use – requires nothing more than just clicking on the ‘connect’ button. You don't have to go through any complex process as is the case with other VPNs. Hide All IP also has a portable version. You can use it on any device – wherever you want to connect from. Downloading and setting up Hide All IP is also quite simple and requires just a click.
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Best Features and Use of Forex Signals, Analysis & News Android App.

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Forex Signals, News, and Analysis is a stupendous app in the field of Forex which analyzes the charts of various currencies like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD and much more. It is really such an app which provides you with signals which will help you in making some crucial decisions in the Foreign exchange market. It supports various languages like English, Spanish, Italic, and Arabic. It will continuously update you so that you can be updated every moment and you don’t need to spend time sitting next to idiot box. 

Features provided by Forex Signals, News and Analysis app:

1. FX Academy: It is an inbuilt feature within the app in which you are going to learn about trading strategies which can increase your expertise in the field of Forex. You should view videos provided in FX Academy which will increase gray matter about Forex in you. 

2. Forecast: Different monthly and weekly Forecast are provided to you by the app. It is generally for major currencies. You should see these forecasts so that you can analyze what your next move should be in order to gain the maximum you can.

3. Weekly Recap: In case if you have missed trading last week and you don’t have a single idea what had happened in last week. Don’t worry, you can view weekly recap so that you can have a better idea of investing in this week.

4. Articles:
Different articles about trading strategies, psychology and risk management are publishes on this app. These articles are must for those who want to build better understanding in Forex.

5. Push Messages:
These are really good as if you are not online and suddenly some breaking news came. So, with the help of Push Message you will be receiving the message on your phone and also you will also be receiving time sensitive news.

6. Forex News and Calendar: This calendar will provide you with coverage of the most traded pairs. It is 24-hour active service. In it, expert’s analysis and forecast are also there. 

7. Forex Technical Analysis: In it, many professional traders are sitting behind and working every minute to provide us the technical analysis of the trade which is happening. It will tell you all the facts and figures which you need to remember in order to gain maximum profits.

8. Forex Fundamental analysis: Along with technical analysis some fundamental analysis is required to make people understand that how they should invest in order to gain maximum bucks they can. This will make people more technically sound in Forex. Isn’t it exciting? Yes it is!

9. Forex Signals:
These are the best part of the app which people like the most. These signals are really reliable and people can earn really good bucks with the help of these signals. When you click on the signal it will automatically be implemented in your device.

What are actually Forex Signals?

Forex Signals are basically suggestions which can increase your profits if you will implement that signal. This app is basically expert in providing optimum signals. It is run by some expats who continuously do fundamental and technical analysis and then decide these signals. These signals are there in various currencies so that you can actually find out when you have to purchase some currency and when you have to sell. Its signals are short and very easy to understand as their one and only motive is to earn profits. This is the reason that 65% of the signals when people implement always benefit them. The app also sends these signals through SMS and email in case you are offline in the app. These SMS are basically sent in London business hours as that is the crucial time to earn profits. So, really this app is very useful for those who want to do successful trading in Forex.

Packages to be availed:

When you want to take Premium Packages in order to, unlock locked signals and News Analysis. You need to take some subscription and then only you will be able to see those signals and analysis. There are three subscriptions available. One in which you will be getting 3 signals and Technical Analysis for one month. For this, you have to pay 23$. While another subscription is also there in which you can take the same services mentioned above yearly in 49$. The last one if getting Analysis and unlimited signals and for this, you have to pay 49$ per month. You can decide the subscription according to your budget and requirements.


So, we have looked at the features of the app. The app is a must in the field of Forex and for the ones who are beginners. You can learn through FX Academy and articles. Soon one day you will also become expert and be a master. All the best!!
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Best 5 Steps to Create Unique Content for Better Seo

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SEO is one of the major ways in which many website owners use to increase traffic to their sites. However, this is just the first step; getting them to visit your website. The next step is to ensure that once the visitors come to your site, they become hooked on it. They take an appropriate action as prompted by your call to action

One of the primary ways to capture the attention of your audience and keeping it is by ensuring the content that you offer is unique and exceptional. If you choose a content writing company that offers various content writing services with the help of writers such as fashion copywriters, they have to make sure that they provide you content that will result in better SEO.

As a content writing agency that also has fashion copywriters, you only need five steps to create unique content.

This feature of content can take it a lot further when you are looking for better SEO. When you are original, you will escape the wrath of Google’s algorithm update that aims to smash any content that is not up to standard from topping the charts. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that everything is original and unique all the way.


One of the easiest ways to have great content is to write about the things that matter most to you; the things that make your brain light up like a bulb. Whether you are writing for your website or you are a content writing company, write content that you are interested in. This way, you will get to express your ideas and thoughts. Trust me; you are the only person that thinks the way you do or can express things the way you do.

When your title is exquisite, attractive and has a magnetic pull that is irresistible, then you have a great and unique content for SEO. All you have to do after this is to ensure that the body of the content matches up with the heading provided.


There are topics that you may have to write about, and other writers have covered. The best way to go about this is to ensure that you dig deeper and search for the angel that has not been used to approach the matter. This will set you apart from the competition and give you an upper hand with SEO.


This is where the jackpot is. Get this right, and you will have the best out of SEO; get this wrong, and all your good works may just go unnoticed.


So these are the best 5 steps which you keep in mind in order to Create Unique Content for Better Seo. Keep for Techrulz for some more awesome articles. Share the article along with your friends and at social media networks.
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How to be like your Favorite Pros – CS GO Edition.

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Competitive online multiplayer games always spark rivalries and competitive spirit but they also encourage players to go pro. Pro players gain the admiration of regular players that want to be like them and achieve the same goals. It is for this reasons that many players try to emulate the style of pro players so they too can benefit from the best advantages that could make their gameplay better. Want to know how you can emulate the pros? Here are the top things you can learn about from the pros so that you can be like your favorite pros from winterfox CSGO.

What do pro players use in terms of hardware?

Having the best available tools is very important if you want to have the best results. Pro players test out a lot of high-end devices and products and also receive some of them for free through sponsorships and brand deals. This lets them experience and experiment with a lot of different mice, keyboards, headsets and so on, and they can get a pretty educated idea of which is better and why. By paying attention to their choices you can also benefit from choosing the absolute best in terms of gear.

How do pro players prepare for a match?

Even if you’re not about to walk on the competitive stage, checking out how pros do their pre-game routine can help you come up with one of your own. Each player has their own habits which help them get in the mental zone necessary to perform their best in a game. It’s not a standard recipe for everyone but seeing them do it can give you some insight as to what to look for. Some would drink a specific drink, some would do some hand exercises to loosen up the muscles, there’s really no restriction as to what you can do to prepare for the tough match ahead.

What habits do the players have?

It can help you a lot to get on a video streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube and start watching the professional players that are regularly streaming. Seeing them in action constantly will help you get used to the different comings and goings of the game and how you can hope to get as good. There are small little finesse tricks that you will start to notice pro players do, and learning them yourself will get you pretty far when it comes to rankings.

The best part about all of it is that it’s free and as long as it doesn’t cost anything to check out your favorite pros do their things, you should definitely use that opportunity to get better through the power of observation.
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5 Signs of a Secure Online Shopping site

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Every day, millions of transactions are completed with online retailers. People all over the world are migrating away from the traditional brick and mortar retail stores to surf their shopping desires online.

It’s not surprising to learn that Amazon stock recently topped $1000 a share. With their innovative online shopping experience, millions trust them to deliver and guarantee their shopping experience.

5 Signs of a Secure Online Shopping site

However, what do you do if the item you want can’t be found on the big online retailer sites? Visiting a niche site can be dangerous for your online security. That being said, not all niche sites are run by nefarious online criminals. If you are considering making a purchase with a niche online retailer, here are some tips to ensure that you have a positive shopping experience.

1) Https Secure shopping:
When you enter the checkout of a niche online retailer, you should see the URL of the site change from Http to Https. This means that the checkout is encrypted and your personal details will be securely handled.

The front of the URL should also feature a padlock, or key icon to inform you that you are dealing with a secure site.

2) No pop-ups:
There should be no pop-up advertising on your screen. Some online criminals and hackers will use this as a redirect to funnel you into a data capturing system that captures your personal and credit card information. No reputable online dealer will have pop-ups on their site, they realize that consumers dislike them, possibly resulting in no-sale.

3) Random email offers:

If your retailer asks you to sign up to their mailing list, you can expect them to notify you when good deals are available, or of any shopping holidays that may be coming up, such as Black Friday.

However, if you begin to receive unsolicited emails from them, then they are using your personal information unethically. Beware of spoof emails that look like they may be from a reputable retailer. Never enter any of your personal details in reply to these emails.

4) Check for reviews of past shoppers:

Everything you need to know about your retailer is available online. If you are suspicious of a certain online retailer, search for an independent review site that has past customer reviews from others that have successfully used the site to complete a transaction. Reviews are becoming important to search engines and they are usually listed in the top search results. A simple search could save you a headache when it comes time to deal with a niche online retailer.

5) Online payment services accepted:

When you enter a brick and mortar store and pay for goods by credit card, you are physically available for identity verification. The credit card machine has a lintechtt that can be used to read the card’s information.

There is a RFID chip embedded into the card, similar to those found in passports. A passport scanner reads the biographical information on the chip and presents it to the immigration agent for inspection and verification. Similarly, This chip is read by a card dispenser, such as an ATM and prompts you to enter a PIN in order to access your account.

To remove this risk completely from your online shopping experience, simply sign up for an online payment service such as Google Checkout or PayPal. Both of these services are commonly accepted online by all the major retailers and most niche sites as well. Enter your information into the payment service provider and then simply click the icon of your service provider in the checkout phase for an easy, smooth transaction.

Wrapping up:

While nothing can completely ensure your security online, taking a few countermeasures as listed above will mitigate your risk while shopping.
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