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NordVPN Review – The Best VPN to Access the Internet Privately & Securely

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For people using the internet, hiding their identity online, preventing websites from tracking them and their location and protecting their online data has become a precautionary step these days. More and More people are making use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure that their real IP Address is hidden while they are surfing the internet. A VPN works on the principle of providing you with a random IP Address on a network via which you can browse the internet. This helps the users in protecting their IP Address from the spying eyes across the internet. One such VPN service which is gaining popularity due to its features is NordVPN.

NordVPN – A Brief Introduction

Rated as a top VPN service in the editor’s choice category by, NordVPN is more than just your regular VPN service provider. The NordVPN provides you with a dual layer IP protection by hiding your original IP Address via a new random IP Address and routing the first address via another address on the same server. Spread across 56 different countries in the world, currently, NordVPN has over 1000 servers spread across the world. It can guide you through any of these servers to protect your real identity. NordVPN is available to use on Mac, Windows and Linux devices as well as has Android and iOS compatible apps to protect your mobile surfing as well. The military-grade encryption of NordVPN helps to protect you from hacking.

What Makes NordVPN the Best in Business?

NordVPN provide its users with some of the best features that you may not be able to find in different VPN service providers available in the market. These features include:

Better Security Options

NordVPN takes extreme care of the security and privacy of all its users with utmost importance. Besides providing a secure communication medium to the internet via one of their 1000-strong networks spread across the globe, NordVPN also helps to provide with a number of privacy solutions. These include Double Data encryption which ensures that it would be very difficult to intercept your communication, Cyber Security and more. The Automatic Kill Switch also ensures that all the software that track you are shut down immediately if the VPN connection breaks down during your web surfing.

Privacy Protection

Keeping your identity safe and ensuring that users surf the net anonymously is a key feature for any good VPN service provider. This is where the very strict ‘No Logs Policy’ of NordVPN is very useful to the users. This VPN service was built on the fact that they do not track any of their user’s online movements. Additionally, they ensure that the traffic on your network is routed via a remote server which ensures your anonymity over the internet. 

Unlimited Access to Geo-Restricted Content

One of the biggest uses of VPN is to ensure that Geo-Restricted content is made available to everyone despite it being unavailable in some places. Most people use VPN to watch sporting events or media interactions, banned websites or social media networks. NordVPN allows you with unlimited and unrestricted access to more than 1000 of inaccessible streaming websites in a particular geographical location.

Smooth Connectivity

The only problem VPN users have usually complained about is the slow surfing speed due to a number of encryption algorithms and re-routing traffic techniques put into place by the VPNs. However, NordVPN ensures that they are able to offer faster speed across their servers in comparison to most other VPN service providers available. Despite providing higher speeds, there is no compromise on the user’s privacy with a very secure P2P connection allowing you safe file sharing.

Additional Benefits

NordVPN allows you to connect upto 6 different devices to a single account. In addition to the web browser plugins, NordVPN also provides iOS and Android compatible apps which ensure that you are well protected while browsing from your devices also. Their customer service is also available 24*7 to provide you with assistance whenever and wherever you want.

How to setup NordVPN Client?

NordVPN makes it really simple for the users to access its VPN client on different platforms. The video tutorials, knowledgebase, and FAQs make it easy for you to learn the installation process. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can easily install the NordVPN client on your PC/laptop. Follow the below-mentioned guide to install it on your system.
  • Download the NordVPN’s client from its official website and install it on your PC. The installation process might take few minutes. Wait patiently and allow the installation to complete properly. 
  • Run the software after the installation has been finished. 
  • If you haven’t created an account click on ‘Create New Account’ else you can enter your login details and move to the interface of the software. 
  • At the top-center position, you will see ‘You are not connected’ text. Try to connect to any location of your choice.  
  • You can choose the country to which you want to connect by directly clicking on the map.
  • If you wish to connect to a specific server type of server located in any other country, you can move to the ‘Servers’ option.  
  • Once you are connected, be ready to browse through the web privately.


NordVPN is available for a price of 5.75$ per month in 3 different plans. You can either choose from a monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscription plans to have an unrestricted, secure web surfing options. Each plan includes all the above mentioned special features including all available mobile apps and software with 24*7 customer support. 

The Verdict

The need of protecting your privacy online is very important as it can prevent preying eyes across the internet from getting an access to your online data. VPNs ensure that no website is able to track your online activities. NordVPN is among the best VPN available today across the internet due to a number of security features and its dual layer IP Protection ensures that your privacy and anonymity is always maintained across the internet.
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5 Most Important Skills you Need to teach your children

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If you are a parent, you will always look forward to your child imbibing great skills. However, most of the parents fail to understand that it is their duty to work as catalysts in letting your kids learn the life skills. Kids tend to learn quickly at the tender age. However, what stops them can be some mental barriers. As a parent, it is you who has to make your children receptive of the life skills that would make them good entrepreneurs in their future.

Five important entrepreneurial skills that your kids should learn

Having made you understand the importance of you as a parent in helping your kids learn the skills of life, let us now move ahead in understanding what exactly these traits are..

Be Resilient

Life is never a bed of flowers. Not everything that comes to you would be in your favor. You may feel you have lost everything. You may feel you won’t be able to get back to your abilities again. However, being resilient is what pays. A true entrepreneur never sleeps until you have fought back.

Let your kids learn to fight back. Let them have their share of emotions, but teach them to tide against the odds. Teach them how to tide over the negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset. Set an example by showing the way you have fought back in the past.

Being Industrial

The best entrepreneur is the one who does not mind toiling hard. Getting involved in one or the other activity is the essence of being a successful entrepreneur. Explore all the possibilities you have to be as industrious as possible.

Let your kids learn the importance of hard work. Let them understand the need to be active in one’s life. Give them a few tasks and deadlines and let them complete them. Again leading by an example is the best way to teach those habits. Do away with your own time-wasting activities and let them follow suit.

Be Optimistic

Being optimistic and self-confident are the two most important traits you would see in an entrepreneur. In fact, both them are inter-related. If you are confident in your abilities, you will take up the tasks that no one else dares to.

Let your kids be part of decision making. Let them take decisions on their own and to achieve it. Make sure you do not demean their decisions. Let them learn by their own experience. Always ensure that they know you believe in them. 

Be Humble When You Disagree

All of us are different. Disagreements are bound to come up. Being level headed in the face of disagreements is the true trait in a businessman. But, let them disagree with a straight face and true confidence, without being impolite.

Teach your kids to analyze all sides of a coin and then take a call. Let them learn how to focus on the actual problem rather than on the person. This will lead to amicable solutions to the disagreements.

Keep an eye on Opportunities

That is precisely what makes an entrepreneur out of a normal human. An entrepreneur sees an opportunity where the normal being cannot. Being open to the world around you is the sure shot way of being successful.

Your kids can be persuaded to seeking opportunities around. Be it social, academic or even physical – let them take chances without the fear of failure. That way, they will develop self-confidence.

In Conclusion

Parents are best teachers. You can indeed be instrumental in helping your kid develop positive traits and succeed in whatever that their life brings up before them. They have enough time at their disposal so that they can nurture the good traits we featured here.
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Why Every Team Needs Work Management Tools

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Why Every Team Needs Work Management Tools

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management scheduling tools

Why Every Team Needs Work Management Tools
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Why Gambling Is Still Popular

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Moralistic viewpoints on gambling are abounded these, however, do not truly appreciate why gambling is still popular and has been since the rise of gambling back when the earliest man bet his friend. The bet could have been that the rain would come that evening, that the fruit would eventually fall from the tree or that the pregnant nanny (female goat) would give birth to conjoined kids (baby goats) and the one would bet his goat skin and the other his chickens. 

Why Gambling Is Still Popular
To cut this short, gambling has been around since man accrued material in excess and was willing to wager it for another thing. The moralistic viewpoint is fine but this shows how close to our base selves the act of gambling is to us.

Now had the above-mentioned man offered all his hens, goatskins, those of his kids and wife on the wager that the nanny would give birth to conjoined kids – an occurrence he has absolutely no control over then this man would have a problem. He would be selling the livelihood and warmth of his kids away on a doubtful occurrence that has very little positive effect on his current situation.

It is in this same manner that gaming at on its own is not bad but the act of putting all that one has on backing the occurrence of a doubtful event is bad. In short, it is irresponsible gaming that is a blight on the face of human society.

Capitalism is built on the consumption of services and goods. Consumption by very nature means that capitalism is built on the things that are often “used up”. This is true from the car that one drives to shoes, perfume, and even the bread we consume. We use this up, and it is finished. The moral argument against it stands to make us believe that gambling is worse than eating at an expensive restaurant, or buying shoes even expensive shoes or buying that expensive car. All of which are fleeting things. Things that once used up can never be brought back again.

The car if driven for a long enough time will reach a stage where the wheels are exhausted, oil filters need changing and eventually the tiring of the engine. Gambling is also a consumption, the using up of resources in order to get something one perceives as better than that which he/ she possess already.

The story of how Iowa’s economy has seen a major boost due to gambling is a point one must consider. The study was done by Oxford economists, and the results announced on a 28-page study for the American Gaming Association. The study chartered the Iowa’s 18 licensed gambling venues, and the revenues they had received through legal gambling and according to the research; the state’s casinos contributed $2.5 billion to the local economy.

It is understood that an impressive 16,798 people work for the eighteen gaming venues in the state of Iowa, and they are paid almost $742 million in wages. What is more impressive is that these gaming houses generate the amount of $726 million in taxes (federal, state, and local). The state taxes from gaming-related activities amount to an impressive $321.6 million.

This pales in comparison to one of the world’s biggest cigarette brands, Marlboro, that runs a mammoth tobacco company that makes $23.8 billion in sales and is basically an industry that is killing its clientele by the thousands from lung cancer and many more from the secondary smoke these cigarettes give off. If both are to be judged on consumption alone, then neither is bad but putting both to the test of a moral judgment, which really is worse?

According to the AGA, using the Iowa example, it was found that:
  • The gaming industry of which gambling is part creates jobs. Without it, the unemployment rate in the State of Iowa would be at 5.9%. it currently stands at 4.6% 
  • The gambling industry, Countrywide generates more than $240 billion in the United States through various gaming venues. To put this into a better context, there are more than 1.7 million people employed in this industry and over $38 billion paid in the form of local, state and federal taxes. 
These are all jobs and taxes paid without the stain of blood on the hands of gaming house runners. The industry only needs to be sensitive to the need to properly advise and educate its customer base on the imperatives of responsible gambling. This on its own is quite onerous considering that the tobacco industry does not encourage lung tests on its users nor the spirits or alcohol industry to run tests on its users in advising against faulting kidneys due to alcohol poisoning.

This includes knowing where to gamble. Lastly, lawmakers are urgently considering the issuing of special licenses for casinos that do not allow smoking. It would seem that gambling houses see the imperatives of healthy customers more than the latter industry.

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5 Technologies for Better Project Management

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Successful project management relies upon integrating technology with systems and processes to create the required outcome. If technology is used correctly, it can streamline projects and improve communication between team members that allows them to increase their efficiency in completing tasks related to the project. Risk assessments, scheduling, and communications can all benefit from technologies specifically designed to increase workflow and meet required deadlines.
5 Technologies for Better Project Management
An example of a revolutionary technology that has forever changed the way project managers work with their teams, is the cloud. The cloud has made it possible for project managers to upload data relevant to the project, directly into the cloud where it can be accessed by team members. The team members are then able to access the data from any location using a mobile device. All updates to files are synced immediately and shared with relevant team members. This kind of on-demand access was unthinkable just a decade ago, however, recent advancements in tech and the power of the internet have made the cloud an indispensable piece of tech that no project manager can live without.

If you are looking for ways to improve your business efficiencies and assist your team in effective project management, then consider adding these five technology innovations to your current operations.

1) Powerful Project Management Platforms:

PMP’s are the latest innovation in digital project management technology that has tremendous value for both management and team members. With a PMP you will be able to create budgets, documents, estimations, and schedules with ease and then upload them to the cloud where they can be accessed by your team. Any changes that are made to the documents will be updated in real time and the relevant team member alerted of the changes. PMP technology is fully customizable to suit any needs or requirements of project managers, regardless of the size of the project, or the size of the organization.
Powerful Project Management Platforms

2) Storing and Backing Up Your Data: 

Secure storage and access to your sensitive project data is essential for managers. If your systems are compromised and data is lost, stolen, or erased, your company could suffer massive setbacks to projects while your data is recovered. In some cases where the data is unrecoverable, projects can end up coming to a complete halt and the client terminates the agreement. Protect your business data with an encrypted connection that only you and your team can access.

3) Improve Your Team Communications: 

Communication is everything in the successful coordination of any project. Improve your team communications with technologies that are designed to enhance your workflow and improve your team's productivity. Project managers are often the key counterpoint between the client and the team. Online video conferencing services such as Skype have greatly impacted the way managers communicate while reducing overheads related to communications. It is now possible to make an overseas conference call for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone call.
Improve Your Team Communications

4) Social Media for Project Managers:

Social media is also changing the way we communicate as a civilization that spilled over into the workplace as well. Create a Facebook group to communicate directly with your team and arrange face time meetings as well as send out alerts to the group. If you haven't received a project update or task via Twitter, then you can be sure that it will be coming in the near future.

5) Online Learning:

Online learning portals are the latest innovation in online technology for project managers. It is now possible to take CAPM classes online in your downtime and avoid attending physical classes. This allows project managers to better coordinate their studies without taking away from productivity at work.

Closing Off:

Today, project managers have access to a wide range of technologies that can help them streamline their business processes and improve communications between team members. Technology continues to advance and with every new application that is released comes further efficiencies that help a project management business grow into the future. Take advantage of the five examples mentioned and implement them in your next project to get a feel for the power of technology and how it can help you achieve more with your time and your people.
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Online Currency in the Gambling World

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One of the essential prerequisites for a trouble-free casino experience, which successful withdrawals are a big part of, is being able to choose the right currency. The subject of currencies is often overlooked by online gambling guides, simply because many assume players know which one suits their needs best. But, as with all other aspects of the iGaming market, monetary issues are also prone to change and frequent fluctuations.

Online Currency in the Gambling World
The online gaming industry is still stuck in a gray legal area, any modification, revision or variation in the laws of the jurisdiction your casino of choice is regulated in, leads to changes in the way they handle payments, or which countries they accept, and consequently which currencies they support.
Back When the US Dollar Was at the Top:

In the happy times before the devastation caused by the UIGEA, the US dollar was the main currency offered by a vast majority of online operators. It was the obvious choice since gamblers from other countries preferred it as well. The stability of the US dollar, coupled with the fact that most payment services supported this currency, were the decisive factors causing players of all nationalities to opt for the currency almost exclusively.
When online games of chance and skill were effectively banned across the States, casinos based in the country were forced to shut down. Those outside the borders that also welcomed American players decided to keep the dollar regardless, so as not to lose a big part of their player base.

Euro Takes Over:
Since 2006, the industry has been advancing at an accelerated pace, with new gaming sites launching every day. Knowing that American players cannot legally gamble online, or at the very least are unable to transfer money to and from the sites, newcomer venues prohibited the unfortunate gamblers, and with that, excluded the US dollar from their lists of accepted currencies. Most casinos launching after 2006, are based and licensed on the territory of Europe, which means the currencies they opted for are accommodating native customers. Today, those operators welcoming multiple European countries offer Euro as the main currency, with a British Pound holding the second place in terms of popularity. This should not come as a surprise, due to the United Kingdom being very liberal when it comes to iGaming – the jurisdiction was among the first to legalize all forms of the activity and is currently home to a huge number of casino, bingo and other related establishments.

Australia Holds On:
In 2017, the fourth position is consistently being occupied by the Australian Dollar. Although the country is not without gaming woes of their own, having been hit with new, restrictive measures relatively recently, Australian love for games is still alive and well. Resident punters are known as huge fans of slots, poker and sports betting, actively seeking ways to enjoy them as often as possible. Internationally oriented operators welcome customers from the Land Down Under by the bunch, and it is for this reason that the Australian Dollar is still seen all across the global market.

Scandinavian-Friendly Currencies:
An interesting development, which became especially prominent by late 2016, and continued all throughout 2017, is the emergence of native currencies from our northernmost neighbors. Scandinavian countries have taken a leap into the gambling industry, following a series of amendments legalizing internet wagering in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. New sites launched from a regulated and safe environment, in which their respective governments have approved both offering and using gaming services. Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone and Swiss Franc became a common sight at venues originating in Scandinavia, but can also be found at many other websites catering to enthusiasts registering from within any of these jurisdictions.

Europe Emerges as the Market of Choice:
Statistics of international currencies in online gambling, clearly support the claim that all major shifts have, so far, been directly influenced by changes in the global market itself. Licensed and regulated casinos, especially established, long-standing companies, respect legal boundaries, for the most part, withdrawing from the markets where the law prohibits their operations. Some, but not all, remove the currencies of the countries they no longer accept. Former popularity of the US dollar made the currency firmly established as the second most used in the online world. Currently, Europe is the market of choice, where opportunities for growth and expansion of iGaming are abundant. This means Euro will most likely remain a number one currency for years to come.
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