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Engineering, as the name itself, suggest that something is to do with engineers. Basically, Engineering is a 4-year degree course that is particularly focused on practical knowledge than the theoretical one.
Engineers can be marked as different from other professionals by their ability to solve various complex problems and implementing the solutions in a very cost-effective and practical way.
There has been always a demand for skilled engineers in various fields. As society develops, the infrastructure and different types of products also change at lightning speed. But the only group of people that bear the responsibility to undertake these complicated problems and solve it for a better future is none other than the ‘Engineers’.
Almost all of the students who aspire for engineering give JEE exams. Those who clear it for the seats in IITs, NITS, and other government aided engineering colleges, take admissions easily, but the confusion persists for those +2 students, who can’t make for government institutions. So, these students usually go for colleges located in different states. And, one of the best engineering states is Karnataka.

So, if you are searching for Best Engineering Colleges in Karnataka, then you are at the right post here. Let’s have a look on best engineering colleges of Karnataka 2016.


NIT Karnataka was established in the year 1960. The institution has been the choice of most of the students in the counseling of JEE MAIN, the only exam it accepts. NIT Karnataka offers B.Tech Degree in the following streams:


It has 46 seats in each stream.

The Fees of NIT Karnataka is Rs.51, 288 per year.

For more details, you can visit the college site.


RVCE was established in the year 1963. It is a private technical co-educational college in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is an autonomous institution and affiliated to ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’ (VTU), Belagavi. RVCE offers B.E. in the 12 Under Graduate Engineering programs as given below:


It has 60 seats in each course.

The Fees of RVCE is Rs.39, 830 per year.

For admissions in RVCE, COMED-K exam is conducted for both Karnataka & Non-Karnataka candidates. So, the students who want to take admissions in RVCE should fill the form of COMED-K.

For more details, you can visit college site.


PES University was established in the year 1972. It is a private university and affiliated to ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’ (VTU), Belagavi. PES University offers 4-year full-time B.Tech programs in following areas:


It has 60 seats per course.

The Fees of PES University is Rs. 90000 per year.

PESSAT is conducted for the admissions in B.Tech course of PES University.

To know more about the college, visit college site.


The National Institute of Engineering is popularly called as NIE. It was established in the year 1946 and is the 2nd oldest Engineering College in Karnataka. It is located at Mysore, India. NIE, MYSORE is an autonomous institution which is affiliated to ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’ i.e. VTU. The college has been ranked as the top engineering college in Karnataka. It offers B.E. 4-year programs in the following areas:


The college has 120 seats per course.

The Fees of NIE is Rs. 44,363 per year.

Admissions are taken in the college through the exam ‘Karnataka Combined Entrance Test’ (KCET).


Bangalore Institute of Technology as BIT, is a private engineering college of Karnataka that offers undergraduate programs. It is affiliated to ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’. The institution was established in the year 1979. BIT is one among the best engineering college of Karnataka.


The college intake is 90 per course.

Fees Structure is Rs. 32,250 per year.

KCET is the common exam to take admissions in this college.

For more details, kindly visit the college site.


Businayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering (BMS) is affiliated to ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’ (VTU), Belagavi. It is an autonomous engineering college in Basavangudi, Bangalore, India. The college was started in the year 1946. Even though it is a private engineering college, it gets partially funded by the Government of Karnataka.

BMS offers following courses in B.Tech:


The Fees for the B.Tech course in the college is Rs. 29,220 per year.

BMS accept KCET for admissions.

For more details, visit the college site.
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How to unlock Android Phone if you forgot the Password or Pattern lock

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The main reason that you set up lock screen security on your smart phones is so that strangers (or your friends) are not able to check out your messages or private pictures behind your back. In addition to it, you would obviously want, if ever your phone gets stolen, nobody to get access to your mails, pictures and many other sensitive data. But this is also possible that you by chance, forget your pin or pattern and get locked out. Or someone close to you, your friend decides to do a prank on you by setting a lock pattern and simply leaves you struggling with it. Now, how would you access your phone?
In both the cases it is easy to unlock your phone without getting the urge to smash your phone against some wall or at your friend’s face. The solution to it is you need to have Android Device Manager enabled on your phone (but before you get yourself locked out).

Some of the methods to unlock your phone are listed below:

  1.  1. Using your Google Account password

                   how-to-unlock-android-phone   For this you need to have access to your synced Google account. Click on “Forgot Password?” which opens a new menu (This option is not available on all devices). Enter your Google Account details in the menu and sign in. Your device should get unlocked and you will have full access.

2. If you have entered an Incorrect Password/Pattern Too Many Times

This problem is really easy enough to solve. The only thing you need is patience. You have to simply wait for the timer to run out and so that you input the password or pattern lock again. If you can’t wait for the timer then simply follow the above steps of the associated Google Account.

3. ABD Commands on an Unrooted Device (Android Debug Bridge)

Firstly, you need to enable your device to accept ADB commands. After getting “USB debugging” enabled on your device. Open the command prompt on your PC and connect your phone to the PC. Enter the commands in cmd as it is-
·  adb shell
·  cd /data/
·  sqlite3 settings.db
·  update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
·  update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedsoutpermanently’;
·  .quit
Now, reboot your device. If it still doesn’t reset your lock screen then keeping your phone still connected to PC and the command prompt open, enter
  • adbshell rm /data/system/gesture.key
  • Now reboot your device once more.
4. ADB Commands on a Rooted Device
If your device is already rooted once the commands will be a bit different and easier. The commands now required to enter will be-
  •     adb shell
  •     su
  •     rm /data/system/locksettings.db
  •     rm /data/system/locksettings.db-wal
  •     rm /data/system/locksettings.db-shm
  •     reboot

5.  Factory Reset
It is the last method to be applied coz after factory resetting all of your data will be deleted. Turn on your device and hold down combination of buttons (for e.g. Power, Volume Down, Home) to access the boot menu. If finding it difficult to find the correct combo to reach to boot menu then find it online for your model. Then click on “Wipe data/ Factory Reset”. Confirm that you want to proceed with it. The process may take time depending on the amount of data stored on your phone. When complete, the device will start without asking any passcode or pattern from you but your phone will be empty that is with no data left.


As said prevention is always better than cure, so the next time you are setting password or pattern lock on your phone just keep a note of it somewhere you will remember so that you can avoid the hassle. It may be some piece of paper or some document on your laptop.Still, if you forget there is nothing to worry about- just simply follow the steps mentioned above.
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Five Best Sports Handicapping Apps

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We’ve got the right sports betting apps for you that will serve you best in your handicapping needs no matter which sport is your favorite for sports betting. Our team has found the five best handicapping apps and some of these can be even used by US players that for NFL handicaps. The other can be used by any international bettor from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or South America.
You can inform yourself about some of the sports betting sites to whom these apps belong through online review sites. Some of these betting sites even offer casino services which have been reviewed by many sites specializing in such reviews. The review isdetailed and provides exclusive bonus codes, as well as other important information about the service.
However, this article is not a review at all. It’s just a recommendation of the best sports handicapping apps. If you want real reviews, you can use this other website too. So, let’s start with the list.

BetOnline App
This one is for the US handicappers. BetOnline is one of the oldest online betting sites that offers a sports handicapping app as well. It’s one of the best around. It works on any type of smartphone or tablet be it iOS, Android or other. It’s best for US sports such as NCAA, NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL. It’s also available for handicapping on other sports as well popular in Europe or other continents. You can even use it to make sports wagers in bitcoins.

PaddyPower Mobile
This is the most popular sports handicapping app among UK bettors that use iOS or Android devices for a very good reason. You can customize it so that you can get stats, results and latest news about your favorite teams. Plus, PaddyPower is known as the best operator for mobile money-back specials. The PaddyPower officials are very proud of their app in terms of in-play betting.

Sportsbet Mobile App
Here’s one for Australiansthat live sports betting. It’s compatible with all the mobile devices on the market today. It offers over 1,000 markets, a wide range of mobile offers, promotions and money-back specials. It’s best for NRL, AFL and other soccer bets. It provides assistance with many video interviews and previews of major sport events.

Bovada is probably the most popular handicapping app among US bettors. It offers lines on any international and US sport. You can make props, play-by-play, in-play bets and handicaps on a wide range of markets, and especially on MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA. Its bet slip is probably one of the best features allowing easy and quick bet placement.

Bet365 App
The winner on this list is none else but Bet365, the biggest betting brand in the world. 

It’s the best sports handicapping app on the market that can be used for live streaming and full in-play coverage via your tablet or smartphone. It was voted the best app of the year three years in row (2012, 2013 and 2014).

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Ten Best Free Slots Apps on Android

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People spend lots of time on their smartphones and tablets. Considering the majority of mobile users in the world own Android devices, we dedicate this list to those Android users that want to play free slots games. Take these anywhere you want and kill some time by spinning those reels endlessly.
All of these are available in Google Play, so they are free to download, and free to play. There are plenty of free slots apps in GooglePlay, and we wanted to make a shortlist so that you don’t have to stuff your Android with apps trying them out without knowing what you get.
You can play slots for free at real-money online casinos too using their Android casino apps. All you need is to register an account there and you can easily switch between free-play and real-money mode for the given slots. If you do decide to play them for real-money on your Android, check out these top 25 online casino bonuses for 2016 so that you can boost your playing bankroll. If not, here is our list of ten best free slots apps on Android.

The Best 10 Slot Apps on Android are:

10. Slots Free Casino House of Fun
House of Fun is packed with jackpots, free spins and big wins slots. It offers a nice selection of Egyptian-themed slots, with new slots added every week, and there are free coins every 4 hours. It’s part of a big community of players that enjoy weekly promotions, happy hours and gifts.

9. Heart of Vegas
Heart of Vegas offers welcome bonus for signing up like no other. 2,000,000 coins await and plus you get free coins every day if you manage to spend these first. Whenever you need coins just spin the Daily Wheel and enjoy the games.

8. Zeus Casino - FREE Slots
This is a great Android free slots app that is actually composed of two great free slots themes: Aphrodite and Zeus. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, this is the right app for you. You can choose whether you want to play slots from the Greek goddess of beauty or slots from the king of all Greek gods, the biggest God of them all, Zeus. You will have fun for hours. There are also video poker and blackjack games.

7. Slots - Pharaoh's Way
This has been the choice of many social casino gamers because it offers twenty graphically rich slot games with interesting and funny sounds. It’s an Egyptian themed free slots app for Android whose games have been played billions and trillions of times. The main reason why it’s one of the most popular is because even if you switch from an Android to iOS or other device, you will still be able to use the same profile and same number of chips thus resuming where you left off on your Android.

6. Slotomania
Slotomania claims that more than 14,000,000 Facebook fans are playing its games. It may be so, it may not. Nevertheless, at Slotomania you can enjoy free coins every 3 hours, there are promotions every day, mini games, a variety of about 100 Vegas-themed games and lots of free slots.

Monopoly is probably one of the best social board games that was invented. It’s a strategic game where you can train your capitalist skills and become the ultimate tycoon. Therefore, EA game designers have decided to come up with the perfect Monopoly slots themed Android app, which has resulted with MONOPOLYSlots. Everything about this game screams Monopoly.

There are awesome animations, themes added constantly that you can win by progressing in the casino, and many features like bonuses, free spins, multipliers, stacked wilds and regular wilds. The quality of the app alone is reason enough for putting this app at the top of this list, but it has a limited number of games.

4. Play Slots - Big Win Casino
Big Win Casino is one of the newer 2015 Android free slots apps. You can play lots of exciting casino games, but it’s even more exciting that new games are added almost on a continual monthly basis. The games are characterized with great sounds and graphics, and there is even a progressive jackpot to play for. What you will love the most about this app are the leaderboards and social promotions. Gamers with a more competitive appetite will enjoy this feature the most.

3. Jackpot Party
As you move upwards in this list, you will find Android apps with a bigger selection of free slots. Jackpot Party has 70 different free games that were developed by WMS Gaming, which is one of the biggest casino game providers for online and land-based casinos. As you progress you can unlock new slots, with new games being released regularly. If you run out of coins in this app, you won’t have to wait more than four hours at maximum to get a new stash of free coins.

2. DoubleU Casino
Although DoubleU may be the most popular free slots app on the internet, especially among Facebook users, it still comes in second place. You can see the reasons why in the top app on this list. Anyway, DoubleU Casino has managed to provide a unique Vegas-themed experience. It has many features, but its greatest is probably the ability to compete in slot tournaments while chatting with other players. Additionally, you can even play video poker if you get bored of all the free slots. Another great feature is that if you run out of chips, you can just spin the wheel and get a random number of new chips.

1. Jackpot Madness Slots

This is probably the most awesome free slots app for Android. There are hundreds of games just like in a real-money online casino. Despite that, you can unlock thousands of more games, so that you can never run out of fun.

The graphics are amazing, the sounds are amazing, and you can connect it directly with your Facebook account and interact with other players on the leaderboards. You can’t go wrong with this app.
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Movavi Screen Capture for Mac - The Best Screen Capture Software.

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Capturing your computer screen is not an easy task as you have to press a button then need to paste it in a proper location to use it again, seems very big task while there is a tool which can not only capture your screen but also records it along with the audio you wish (system or mic or even both at the same time).

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac:

The features of this software are awesome as they have all in all solutions which recording video activity requires. Following are those features listed and explained in detail
  • Record Video & Video lessons on Mac
This application is the best in class to create online tutorials recording your screen & explaining your viewers all the content which you wish to convey them in detail without any disturbance which might annoy them.
You can enhance the audio quality to make it more appealing.

  • Record Skype calls & movies

You can effortlessly record your online meetings, calls, webinars through this software on your mac and share it to various places like Vimeo, Youtube, Cloud / Drive with just a single click for making your content reachable to a large set of audience.
  • Easiest way to capture audio

A feature of this software enables you to capture the audio of both System and input hardware like mic at the same time giving a lot of flexibility for you to edit both of them or either of them based on your requirement. This way you can avoid spending extra dollars on enhancements which record your mic input audio and system audio separately.
All in all solution to record video on Mac

A software is considered best only if it can offer us more flexibility and comfort to perform our tasks, according to me this piece of software is one such item which can offer both solutions to your existing recording problems as well as make you a bit lazy by providing automation to many existing recording tasks.

Hence, it is an all in all, solution software jam packed with features to make your video recording very easy with your Macintosh. To check out the technical specifications and other details of the software, the below link can be used. Don't forget to share your experience with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac with us.

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow's top 10 best new features|Review

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The 10 best new features of Android Marshmallow

Google has recently announced the new version of Android called M. We know exactly what desert the Android M stands for Marshmallow's, But after Google i/o in having the Developer Preview Android M install my Nexus 6. I've got a pretty good idea of what I think are the top 10 best new features.
Android M Version theme
  • App Permissions
  • Web experience 
  • App links
  • App Drawer
  • Mobile Payments
  • Fingerprint Support
  • Doze
  • Direct Share
  • Now on tap
  • USB Type C and Charging
Android M Preview Downloads: Hardware System Images for Nexus 5Nexus 6Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

Now on tap

So will start up with probably the coolest new feature at number one improvement to Android M is Now on tap Google now. Google now is already a pretty awesome predictive information service the firm I mean has basically zero competition and in this be an Assyrian, Cortana pretty good voice search assistance but they don't get anywhere near the level functionality of Google now in a google continues to use all the data they have.
                So if you've ever used Google now you know just how smart you can be and with Now on tap google now is getting even smarter going way beyond just grabbing information from Google's own services. In Android M, we can tap and hold on the home button from any app, google now will scan what's on your screen in give you relevant information. so from anywhere on any screen on your phone you can hold down the home button to get Google now cards relevant to whatever's on your screen, unfortunately, this is not working fully in the developer preview, but from what we saw in the keynote and all the demos it looks awesome essentially maybe you're texting someone about a business now on tap will let you hold the home button and get those cards about maybe a map before the businesses a shortcut to call them to navigate them at centre in redesigning a screening is a relevant info.

For example: If you're in the messaging app in a friend is talking about a certain new movie, tapping and holding on the home buying will give you information like show time's, reviews and links to related outs like Flixster.


Doze and pretty much every new version of Android Google Trends make better life better and Android M is no exception. This time around Google introduced a new feature called doze which is set to significantly improve a device in standby battery life by putting absent to eat deeper sleep, so effectively what does doze is given up a little bit about half freshness during standby in exchange for longer battery life of course doze only activates when you have your phone or more likely your tablet just lying there unplugged for hours at a time, Doze will detect this idle the by the lack of significant movement detected by the motion sensors and will then restrict app activity down to the bare minimum the result Alice according to Google's test is devices running on Android M improve their standby battery life by up to two times which are absolutely huge.
                   so essentially what this doze is it reads all the sensors up your phone or tablet stuff like your gyroscope and accelerometer an ambient light sensor to determine if your device is idle and if it sees this then I'll cut down all the background activity and all the background refreshes if your apps to extend your standby time by a lot and I love this I love any improvement we can get to improve the standby time to the device and hopefully this will bring it closer to something like you can get on an iPad some time to leave an iPad on a shelf I'll come back to a week later and it still has battery left and that's never something I've been able to do with my Nexus 9 for example so hopefully with doze will see much longer much-improved standby times for stuff like tablets and even phones maybe I'll come back to find a couple hours after I put it up and we'll have plenty of battery life left.

App Backup

whether you getting a new phone or doing a hard reset eventually, you gonna have to go through the somewhat tedious process every resetting up everything on your phone, Android trace the help you with this the process by automatically reinstalling your apps after signing into google but none of your apps data and settings were actually restored so essentially you still kind of starting over from scratch in Android M however we have your apps automatically reinstalled for you also have them more fully restored with m backing up to 25 megabytes of data per app obviously you will have all your cash backed up (important data and settings free after automatically restored is definitely a nice feature to have.

Fingerprint support

So we've seen the phone with fingerprint scanners on android for a while now but these are always third-party implementations. With Android M Google is finally taking fingerprint support write into the OS over the phone has a fingerprint scanner.  Fingerprint for reading is now built in natively into android and what this means is you can now log into your device using a fingerprint you can buy the app from the Play Store with your fingerprint and you can even use android pay with your fingerprint also this is wide open API as you expect from something from Google so that means you not only encourage more manufacturers to build the fingerprint reader into their phone but also you encourage more application makers to built-in fingerprint reading into their apps, any app remind buy something like your banking app or any other in-app purchase you can use your finger. You'll be able to use it to you unlock the device, make payments with Android pay which is basically Apple paid but on Android authenticate Play Store app purchases and use the fingerprint scanner for third-party apps Google will be giving developers access the scanner similar to how to touch id was on the iPhone nothing necessarily mind blowing but some much-needed catching up by Android.

App Drawer and launcher

In M, the app drawer has been updated to where you now have the ability to search for an app at the top see your most recently used app in the first row below it and scrolled through an alphabetized app list that together should make finding an app much easier. It's now a vertically scrolling spaced out the alphabetical list of your apps it does have the search bar, but that's about the only good thing about its. The vision Menu has also been revamped to neatly organize which is by their respective apps and you can finally uninstall an app directly from the home screen that are having to go through the app store or settings.

App Permissions

On Android we try to download an app from the Play Store you are given a list the things that the app with the access to like your contacts, location microphone or camera if you want to give an app access to even just one other thing on the list well to pad either you give the App access to everything is asking for or you can't download the app there's really no in between but on that is about to change with Andrew M where you'll be able to download an app without having to grant access to everything an installation and instead you only be asked for permissions at the first time the app actually need them.
          so for example if you've been using WhatsApp in m what you decide that you want to send the boys message you'll be asked for access to your microphone my asking for the permission at the very moment to the app knees it you have the context to be able to understand why the app was the permission and can, therefore, making the much more important decision if you decide to grant the app accessed great you'll be able to use that feature if you deny the app access obviously you will be able to use it but at least you'll still be able to use the rest of the app just was impossible on a lollipop.

Direct share

Direct share android M has been good about sharing options since day one making a possible to share content from one app using another and In M it's only getting better with Direct share with this new feature android M will pick up on your sharing habits to help reduce the number of steps they need to take in order to share things, for example if you after share pictures from your gallery via hangouts to a specific friend Android will present this option directly from the share menu to be able to do in one click instead have to press share and then hang out and then finding your friend from a contact list it's not a huge feature.

Web experience and App links

So there are actually two features that improve the web and app experience in Android M.
  1. Chrome custom tabs: Which allow apps to use a customize chrome tab when the user clicks on a web link right from within the app itself giving you the advantages over chrome like Save passwords and security without having to leave the app itself in open chrome separately
  2. App links: Where clicking on a link to a certain URL well, what automatically open up the appropriate app on available. For example, if you get an email with a link to a tweet clicking on the link will automatically open up the Twitter app without you actually having to tell the phone to do so in the popup dialog.
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