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8 Reasons for Creating Business Videos to Promote Your Products

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The importance of business video creation has increased significantly in the last few years. Visual promotional elements have always been known for their effectiveness. Promotional videos take the legacy further ahead and help you achieve enhanced ROI on your advertising budget. You can use such videos to create your brand image and push sales. 

There are many advantages of video marketing over other conventional methods. The modern customer wants the information instantly to make the right decision. And video is one format that can deliver the required information in the shortest possible time. Reading content can be time-consuming. It may also not be as engaging as watching explainer video.

Here are 8 reasons why you should also create business video to achieve your promotional goals.

1. Video is Entertaining & Educating:

Surveys show that more than 6 in 10 potential customers spend more than 120 seconds to watch a video that educates them about the product they are interested in. You can use a simple online video maker to create business videos that can inspire emotions, educate and inspire your target audience to take action. Videos provide you better way of storytelling and keeping your prospects interested.

2. Improved Conversions & Sales:

Business video creation can help increase your conversions and sales. If you add a product video on your landing page, it can give a big boost to your conversions. Studies show that videos can also have a direct impact on your sales. More than 7 in 10 people who watched explainer video about the product they are interested in made the purchase. So if you want to see more sales and increased revenues, you should start creating more product videos and adding everywhere it matters.

3. Build Trust with Business Videos:

People buy from a brand only when they trust it. When you use an animation video maker, you are using content marketing to promote your brand. This form of online marketing is focused on building long-term relationships. When you create videos, you are providing useful and relevant information that brings people to you. Video content has the power to be more engaging than any other kind of content yet available. It has the power to inspire emotions and build trust. Video can help you drive your potential customers to action, more effectively than most other content marketing strategies.

When you create promotional videos using video maker, it shows that you are serious about what you have to offer. The positive first impressions can go a long way in building stronger business relationships. When your potential customers find your videos interesting and useful, this can further help boost your brand’s image.

4. Easy Sharing:

Another advantage of business video creation is that it is easy to share. This is the reason video has become a big part of social media. Do you know that more than 500 years of YouTube videos are being shared and watched in just one day on Facebook? Video allows you to get your brand message to your target audience, not just in a fun way but also in a shareable way.

5. Videos are Important to Google Search:

One way videos work is by increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website. The longer your visitors stay on your site, the better the signal goes to search engines that your site offers quality user experience. When you create videos using animation maker and add to your website, your webpages are more than 50 times more likely to show high in search engines like Google.

It is worth mentioning that now YouTube is a part of Google, creating a corporate video channel on the video sharing site can further boost your search rankings. When you combine video marketing with SEO, the results can be far reaching.

6. Business Videos Explain Better:

Whether you are launching a new product/service or want to promote an established product, creating an explainer video can be a more effective way to explain your product than to create textual content. Adding such a video to your home page can boost your conversions and search rankings.

When it comes to explaining a difficult product or concept, it is best to use an animation maker to create animated videos. Animation offers a level of flexibility with creativity that is not possible otherwise. Neither live video nor text-based videos can help you achieve the same results. These types of videos provide the right combination of fun, engagement and simplicity.

7. Easier to Understand:

When you create whiteboard video, it makes it easier for your target audience to understand what you are offering. The audio visual elements draw the prospect’s attention. It is more entertaining for them to both listen and watch without making any effort (to read). If you own a website, you already know how difficult it is to retain a visitor on your site. Business video creation can make this task easier. Promotional videos are engaging and entertaining and help keep your visitors on your page. This not only helps improve your website’s search rankings, but also helps deliver your message more effectively.

8. Easier to Create Business Videos:

The latest animation video maker programs such as have made it a breeze to create promotional videos. You can easily and quickly create, edit, upload and share videos about your products, services, brand or company. Videos are so effective in getting your message across because they use the power of the visual sense. It is well known that pictures can significantly increase your site’s engagement levels. When you use “moving pictures”, the effects can be even bigger.

Videos work as highly effective format for learning. It also makes it easier to consume the provided information. Modern lifestyle makes it difficult for people to read through long descriptions. A business video can provide all the required information in a quick and easy-to-understand way while saving your target audience’s time. And with modern video making tools, it is easier to create any type of video to promote your products or services.
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Start tracking your employees today with hidden sms track

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Managers of various well-known companies know well about information leaks. Dissatisfied with working conditions, workers increasingly spy for rival firms, reducing the chances of success of their employer to a minimum. In past decades, it was quite difficult to prevent, but modern technology allows you to make it.

For example, sms tracker for monitoring cell phone is an excellent way to keep control of the workers, even if they are outside the office. You can track all the info about them and they sms using an awesome SMS tracker. The below 3 points which gives an overview for company owners on how to be safe from workers and track their sms.

If you monitor it, you will save your company:

This is an excellent choice for executives who want to stay afloat and to gather a team that will be trusted by him. In addition to corporate espionage, workers face another temptation called an idle pastime. With the help of hidden sms tracker app, you will know who spends too much time on social networks and mobile chat rooms.

By identifying the location of the phone via GPS, you can not only keep track of employees but also help them, paving the most convenient route through the city. Finally, if the employee has missed any event, you will know exactly where he was at that time. We offer complete solutions to monitor phones for corporate clients and public institutions - this will reduce network security costs in our age.

Watch your staff when you’re away:

Since being in office during the working day is impossible, directors use newly developed applications for the control of information through mobile devices. The practice has proved that it increases the productivity of work and reliably protects secret data. The same software has several other purposes, for example, for parents worrying about their children. Monitoring through corporate or personal computers and mobile devices is carried out only with the consent of the employees.

The program for tracking to your phone boots just a few minutes, but has the widest functionality. The program collects enough data about the employee to be able to judge: working hard or wasting time. In the office, anyone can pretend to be working hard, but only a tracker can show for sure how much time the employee spends on calls and correspondence, as well as on labor.

A few more facts:

Installed on the smartphone app also tracks the location of the owner via the GPS, so no one will ever leave the office unnoticed. More precisely, the work, but will not go unnoticed. If employers are concerned, in fact, about the numbers, the anxiety of parents is much more profound. More and more mothers and fathers install trackers on the phones of their kids to prevent any negative impact.

The program for tracking your phone will detect attacks on a child and on the part of the real and virtual bullies, show messages and phone calls that came from suspicious numbers, and shows GPS location where the child goes for a walk. All the information is recorded and stored, accessed, opened at any time. The application for mobile phone control is a program of comprehensive range use helping many people reach their goals.


Hence these are the simple points which you should remember if you are an owner of a company. Make sure to check the above three points which are the main points while tracking the employee sms. Hope you would love this article. Like us and visit Techrulz for more awesome tutorials. 
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Top 3 PDF Software of 2017

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If you’ve tried editing a PDF before, you know that it’s really complicated, and there’s not much you can achieve in classic readers like Adobe. However, thanks to some dedicated teams of developers, PDF editing software is now widely available. So today i'm going to give you the top 3 PDF Softwares which are best to use and help you in the work.

These are the top software's which makes your work easier and simple. Have a look at the 3 software's and there features. Select the best from them use as you like them.

List of Top 3 PDF Software's: 

Here’s a top 3 of the best PDF editors out there to consult whenever the need might arise.

1) Soda PDF Anywhere Premium:

Rating: 10/10

Soda PDF Anywhere Premium is perhaps the best PDF editing software out there. The newest version, Soda PDF Anywhere Premium, is the first program of its kind to be accessible both for download and installation on your desktop, as well as online. This feature makes it widely-available in times of need, which is why we’ve decided to rank it first on our list.

But besides this amazing perk, Soda PDF Anywhere Premium is a full-fledged Windows 10 PDF reader that helps you both create and convert PDFs, edit them, insert page elements, use OCR and most importantly review and annotate the text. All its users have rated it with a whopping 5 stars, making it officially the best tool out there. But don’t take our word for it; try it out for yourself and be convinced.

2) Nitro PDF Professional:

Rating: 9.5/10

With Nitro PDF Professional, document creation, editing and conversion have never been easier. Both its sleek and simple design and its user-friendly interface are what made it earn its place as one of our favorite PDF editing software, and worthy of being placed on the second position of this top three. The program comes at a very affordable price, and is amazing features can rival those of Adobe Acrobat.

Nitro PDF Professional is perfect for any office whose activities heavily rely on PDF use. Any such office job can benefit tremendously from using this software. Try it today and you won’t regret it; in fact, you and your coworkers will be most satisfied.

3) Power PDF Standard:

Rating: 9.0/10

Business users have reported being very satisfied with Power PDF Standard, and they have all the reason to be. While the software is more modest than its more expertly developed peers, Soda PDF Anywhere Premium and Nitro PDF Professional, that’s exactly what made it worth including in this top three. Power PDF Professional is a very accessible choice that does a comparable job in PDF conversion and creation to the other aforementioned two.

On top of that, the edited PDF can be easily shared with other colleagues or with customers with the help of Power PDF Standard. All in all, if you want something a bit more low-key and accessible, but absolute great at what it does at the same time, Power PDF Standard is surely a PDF editing tool worth considering.


Hence here are the top 3 softwares which are the best of 2017. So have a look at them and use them if you wish. Hope you would like the article. Like us and visit Techrulz for some more awesome articles.
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How to be Anonymous while Browsing the Internet.

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Be Anonymous when surfing the net: If you want to be anonymous, then you are trying to avoid the possibility of linking your activity on the Internet with your physical location and/or your real name. Ordinary users do not have the ability to track you (technically, we do not consider here social methods when your nickname on the forum is easy to Google and get to your account in social networks with all the personal data).

Your ISP/neighbors may be able to listen to most of your traffic, but as a rule, they are not interested in it (yes, neighbors can steal your passwords, but they will not track your activity).
As for the owners of the resources you use (websites, proxy / VPN servers, etc.), then they have a lot of tools to track you (DNS leaks, Flash / Java plug-ins, banner networks, browser fingerprints, many different kinds of cookies, etc.) plus a serious commercial interest in keeping track of you actions (for advertising targeting, sales, etc.).
Well, the government and special services can get access to the data that you collect, and to the data collected by providers. Thus, it turns out that those who have the opportunity and desire to track you, have access to most possible channels of leakage. So by using the vpn's we can be anonymous and we can browse what we need without any limitations. Let's move below for more info about browsing as an anonymous.

How to stay anonymous when online?

To hide your IP from the sites you visit, to hide your traffic from your provider and for anonymous browsing, you will need an access to the VPN service (it’s not important whether they are based on OpenVPN or SSH). This should be either a free VPN, or paid through Bitcoin, but in any case, there should be no possibility to link (for example, through a credit card when paying) to you with this service. (And by the way, when paying through bitcoins, you should also be careful.) The OS must be configured so that all traffic goes only through the VPN.
To hide your IP from the owners of the VPN service and their provider, you need to send a VPN connection through Tor.
To ensure that no glitches (or hacking with reconfiguration) inside the virtual machine will not show your real IP address, you need to configure the firewall on the host system so that the whole (ie not only TCP but really all!) traffic of the virtual machine could only pass to Tor and nowhere else.
You should not enter anything inside this virtual machine that can be associated with your real identity - name, credit card numbers, login into "your" accounts on any sites, fill (at least without clearing the EXIF metadata) to the photo sites made with your main camera/phone, etc. Create separate accounts on all necessary sites, create separate mail / IM-accounts (and do not correspond between your real and these accounts). Buy only virtual goods (which do not need to be delivered to your physical address) and only for bitcoins.
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How to Change language in Appvn

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Appvn is an app store just like other app stores available in the market such as Google play store, Amazon apps etc. This appvn will allow you to download any app which is available in the other app store. Another important aspect is that you can get paid apps for free when you download this app. We all know that Google play store and other app stores will impose money on some apps to be downloaded on your mobile. If you want a premium version or you want to add additional features to your app, then you have to pay very big amount of money. But, if you install this app called appvn in your device you can get all those paid apps and premium versions of the apps for free.
So, friends, I think you are so excited to get this app in your smartphone instantly. So search for this app’s apk file from any website and download appvn and start downloading your favourite apps. This appvn app store not only contains paid and premium apps but also all the apps which you’ll see in any app stores. So if you download this app it will serve you as an alternative app to the Google play store on your android device. Below I will give you description about what is appvn and what are its features and most importantly how to change the language of the appvn app to English.

Features of appvn

Appvn is a play store like app in which you can download all the paid and premium versions of apps for free. This is done by skipping the payment session while you purchase any app. This apps software manipulates the company’s server so that the server thinks that the payment is already done, but I reality we will not pay any. So, now I will tell you about what are the important features that this app contained in it.

  • You can Download Premium version apps for free on your android Smartphone.
  • You can also download music, HD wallpapers, games, e-books and lots more for free.
  • Easy to download interface.
  • One-touch download and installation just like other play stores.
  • New search feature, you can search for any app you want and download.
  • No need of login or sign in details to use this app.
  • Personal information is not necessary.

How to Change Appvn app's language to English

So let’s get into our main topic, the topic is how to change the language settings within the app to English. We all know that appvn app store is a china app. This means this app is founded and developed in china. So obviously, this app will be in their regional language i.e., in Chinese. But we can change the settings of the app to English. So today I will let you know the step-by-step process of how to change the language to English for the appvn app.

This appvn app is getting more and more popular and so many people are downloading the apk file of this app and installing it on their devices through third party sources. But once you install the app, you will get confused and disappointed because it was in the Chinese language. We didn’t know Chinese, but still, want to use this app for a free download of apps. That’s why I’m here with the solution for your problem.

Following are the steps to change the language for the appvn app and enjoy downloading all your favourite android applications.

Steps to change language for appvn app

  • First Download and Install appvn apk for your android ( if you already did with Installation ignore this step).
  • Open the app and see what language it is. (obviously, it will be in Chinese).
  • Now click on the top left button. Now the sidebar with the menu will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the 7th tab(cài đặt)(gear icon) to open settings Menu.
  • Then in Settings just click on the third Tab (Cài đặt ngôn ngữ) for language settings.
  • Simply select “English” in the popup menu.
  • That’s all now your app will be displayed in English.
This is the process to change the language for the appvn app. This will definitely help you. Once you have changed your settings then you can enjoy your free unlimited downloads without spending a single penny.


I am so glad that you are enjoying this appvn app in your android without any errors or language confusion now. I hope that this above process I’ve mentioned helped you to get the solution for the problem, How to change language for appvn app? Hope you got the solution and satisfied with it. Then please share your views regarding this in the comment section below. Enjoy this appvn app by downloading highly featured premium apps for free.
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How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

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Infographic brought to you by Wrike Task Project Management Software

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software
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